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help on asrock motherboard ?

anyone help i have a asrock k7s41 motherboard.with a

amd athlon cpu 1262 mhz..all i need to know whats the quickest processor i can use for this when playing some games it has lag on the games.

thankx in advance

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    I have the same board with an AXP 2600+ (Barton 1.92Ghz) which overclocks up to 2.1Ghz on that board but with a TT Volcano 7+ all copper HSF.

    You can use up to AXP 3000+ (2.166mhz/333mhz fsb/Barton core).

    For games, use a good video card. I have an ATI 9600 Pro in it that really rocks in overclocking. The onboard video sucks.

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    Asrock CPU Support List for Model K7S41: (plus bios version required)

    Socket A (Socket 462) is considered a discontinued architecture (replaced by Socket 754, Socket 939 and later Socket AM2), although microprocessors and motherboards are still in circulation.

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