Are you watching a particular player people might not know about to get drafted?

I'm a Packer fan and am watching these guys, hoping the Packers draft them.

Johnnie Lee Higgins (WR) U.T.E.P.

Aaron Ross (DB) Texas

Aaron Rouse (S) Va. Tech.


Agree, almost had Steve Smith on my list as well.

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    A guy that i cant believe isnt getting more attn is Sidney Rice/WR (South Carolina). Now he is still projected as a middle 2nd round pick but i think he is an absolute steal that late. He is a hell of a receiver, fairly tall, pretty damn fast, and has unbelievable hands. Maybe his showing at the combine wasnt all that great but i think he is gonna come in and have the potential to become better than Jarrett, Ginn Jr, and Steve Smith.

    Now there is a guy who has alot of question marks but if his leg turns up to be back to 100% he absolutely without any question will be the steal of the draft, and this is a guy i feel the Packers should snatch up if he is on the board in the 4th possibly 3rd round, and that guy is Michael Bush/RB (Louisville). Now he broke his leg last year (SR yr) but still opted to go ahead and leave, had he left his JR yr he was projected as a top 10 pick and i feel that if he does get back to 100% healthy that he will be an absolute monster in the NFL. He is a HUGE back with bruising power and great speed, not to mention great vision, agility, and just all around athleticism (QB in HS, and a damn good one). I think Marshawn Lynch is the bust of this years draft and as a fan of Brett Favre i would hate the Packers to waste their 1st round pick on a absolutely horrible RB and not get anything out of what could be Favres last season (remember JJ Aarington? supposed to be a better RB than Lynch from the same school, he is a 3rd string RB now). I think Michael Bush is a much better pick and that way it saves a first round pick and they can pick up another defensive back (such as Ross but at that high of a position they could get someone even better) to help with that pass defense. Bush still has a chance to be a great back and the Packers are in dire need of a RB, and Marshawn Lynch is NOT the answer at all.

    I have heard great things about the Higgins kid from UTEP but i dont know to much about him. Im not sold on anyone from Va. Tech i think they are highly overrated defensively and that their DB's were highly overrated as well. Ross will be a tough DB in the NFL but i think this yr the draft is absolutely stacked with alot of good ones that he just isnt one of the absolute best. There is also another WR from Fresno St. that no one is talking about (except Mel Kiper Jr) that could be the "Marques Colston" of this yrs draft (although a Marques Colston comes like once in every 5-10 years and i dont see it happening again).

    Source(s): As far as Michael Bush my source is myself, he was 1 yr ahead of me in HS where i saw him play numerous times (from the same state, KY).
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    Players who people don't know that I am watching to get drafted.

    - Ben Patrick TE Delaware

    - John Cornish RB Kansas

    - Justin Durant LB Hampton

    - Stephen Nicholas LB South Florida

    - Chris Best OL Waterloo

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    I think one that will stand-out is WR Steve Smith of USC. He spent his college career in the shadows of receivers like Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett, but he took advantage of his combine workout by running a 4.4 40 and soared to 38 inches in the vertical leap. He looked very smooth running routes and showed great hands. Projected as a 3rd to 4th round pick before the combine, his stock soared and he is now expected to go in the late 2nd or early 3rd round. He is the real deal.

    Source(s): USA Today Sports Weekly.
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    I would have to say steve smith is a formidable pick. But also running back Chris Lee is one that I would keep my eye out with his amazing combine performance he showed, in which i believe he had the fastest forty time.

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    I'm watching Boise State's outstanding defensive player, Korey Hall.

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    Lorenzo Booker (RB) Florida ST

    Brian Leonard (FB/RB) Rutgers

    Michael Griffin (S) Texas

    Dallas Sartz (LB) USC

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