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i called her she didnt relpy?

so i like this girl who happens to be a friend from highs school i had a date wit her a week ago, i decide to call her, she didnt answer, or reply. what should i do? call her in a couple of days of a week or just drop this girl.


if i call again it will make me sound desperate and needy, and i know that is a turn off

Update 2:

okay i aimed her she responded but than ended th convo saying well catch up later.. wat to do next?

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    Call her in a couple of days and if she doesn't respond then move on and date someone else who's woth your while.

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    Might be she is not interested anymore. If u really like her a lot n its ok for u, u shd urself call her n ask for the matter, so that for rest of ur life u don have 2 panic that u left d oppurtunity.

    One more thing, some girls are too egoistic. So might b she thinks that u shd call first !

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    Maybe she doesnt like you as a boyfriend and wants you to be just a friend, or she is thinking for make a good desicion. dont harsh and dont drop her this soon. wait a little more but dont call her agin, if she really wants you she will responses your call. and finally if it was not successful, there will be better chances for you, try to find it.

    good luck

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    My goodness call the girl! Surely she has a logical explanation. Don`t drop her just yet

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    If you really like her, then yes, call her again in a few days. If she still doesn't respond, then she's not interested.

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    Everyone deserves a second chance, there could be a reasonable explanation. Call again!

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    depends how much you like her. If you didnt feel anything really between you two then drop it but if you think its worth it keep on callin! She might just be busy.

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    leave it for a day or so. give her one more call then leave it up to her. if she is interested she will call you. read tips on dating and more to help you better on this site

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    No good thing comes easy,so please try to call in a couple of daysfrom not stop ie you really love this girl.she is only seeing how serious you are.

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    rop her shes not interested

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