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最近開始睇 cam既function


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    The "B"=BULB as already described means "Bulb" and

    shutter is open as long a shutter release is held down.

    Bulb mode will keep the shutter open as long as you push down the shutter button.

    So, you are in complete control of the exposure ...

    You can also use it when cleaning a CCD and you want to keep the shutter open.

    The "Bulb" shutter speed position name comes from the early days of flashbulbs,

    which were invented in 1929. Prior to flashbulbs, flash powder was used.

    One would open the shutter, light off the flash powder in an elevated trough

    and then close the shutter again. There was no shutter synchronization with flash.

    Typically you'll just want to use a timed shutter,

    because most subjects don't require shutters more than a second or so,

    but the bulb has some interesting and creative uses.

    For example, if you're out at night and with little light,

    you can leave the shutter open for a long time and capture the motion of the stars

    around the north star.

    I even know one guy who left his shutter open for 9 or 10 hours,

    all night outside in the pitch black,

    and captured a scene entirely from the light reflected off the moon!

    the above pictures show you some work of done with B(BULB) shutter.

    hope all help

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    快門 是鏡頭前端一個門口,靚相機可按環境要求調校開關時間,如日光強烈,可校時間短些.晚上校間短長些,影煙花用定鏡長開等.

    按一下照相機攝影,有咔喳一聲,就是快門 開關的聲音

    2007-04-09 01:05:52 補充:


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    B 快門即是 長時間曝光,

    配合手動 / 電子 快門繩,


    直至放開快門繩為止 (手動繩).

    電子繩由電子 timer 控制.

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