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    成功者的故事 Christopher Gardner

    This is a true story that is made into 2007 Oscar-nominated movie, "The Pursuit of Happyness." Christopher Gardner is a self-made millionaire. His story of success is a dramatic one. Gardner was born in a turbulent family. His mother was in jail and his father had abandoned his family. Gardner was left with his stepfather and three half-blood siblings. Gardner was constantly abused by his stepfather so he entered a foster care and lived with uncles from his mother's side. Inspired by his uncles, Gardner went into medical field when he grew up. Gardner became a salesperson for medical supplies but he could not make his ends meet. He was married at that time and begotten one son. One day Gardner came across to a stockbroker with a red Ferrari. His life has changed unbelievably from that day on. Gardner decided to venture into stock broking business. He quitted his sales job and his marriage was in deep trouble. A meager income together with the news that his wife left him, Gardner was left homeless with his son for a year. They lived all over the places in San Francisco, including a public lavatory. Through hard work and perseverance, Gardner had obtained a broker license and stayed for permanent at Dean Witter Reynolds, a well-known American brokerage firm. Today Gardner found his own business and he sold a small stake for million of dollars.


    Chris Gardner是一位白手興家的百萬富翁。他的成功的故事是非常曲折的。Gardner 在一個暴力的家庭出生。他的母親坐牢和他的父親遺棄他的家人。因為Gardner的繼父經常虐待他所以Gardner就被送去跟他的舅舅一起住。由於受到舅舅的影嚮﹐Gardner長大以後就學醫。Gardner做一個醫療設備的推銷員但是他的收入很低微。那個時候他已結婚還生了一個兒子。有一天Gardner碰到一個開一輛紅色法拉利的股票經紀。他的人生從那天起開始轉亦了。Gardner打算奮身投資股票買賣生意。自從Gardner辭退推銷工作之後﹐他的太太也離開他了。Gardner的打擊真的很大﹐這一年裡他帶著他的兒子在三番市到處流浪﹐無家可歸。而且兩父子還睡過公共廁所。透過他的努力跟堅持﹐Gardner終於拿到經紀牌照。他還在美國一間大公司工作。今天Gardner有他自己的企業和他賣了的小股份值幾百萬美金。

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