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I'm sending out my college graudation announcements and am working on formally addressing the envelopes. I don't like referring to a married couple as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith; equality of the sexes, marriage as a partnership, and all that jazz. I'd really like to acknowledge the woman in her own right, and not as simply as the man's wife. Is there an accepted and formal way to do so, or am I stuck with the Mr. and Mrs. John Smith rule? Thanks.

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    Typically for business purposes, I write both names (ie. John & Jane Smith or Mr. John Smith & Mrs. Jane Smith). I agree though, you should recognize both people. It is more respectable. The only time I wouldn't recognize the other is when you don't know the name of the spouse...then you are stuck with what you previously mentioned.

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    As a married woman, I dont ever mind being referred to as Mrs John Smith, in fact I kind of love it. So if you are doing this so as not to offend anyone, I wouldnt wory about it because only a small fraction of women would look down upon it (and honestly if they are that much into the feminist movement they probably wouldnt be married at all)

    There is always the Mr and Mrs John and Susan Smith, but thats A LOT of words and if you are addressing my hand, you might regret this version after the thrid envelope.

    I would honestly stick with the Mr and Mrs John Smith, we all know we're individual people and that just because our names dont appear on an envelope it doesnt mean we dont have our own identities.

    Good luck to you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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    Mr and Mrs John and Jane Smith?

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    Well, I think most people expect the "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith," so I doubt it would offend many. But if you are uncomfortable, what about just "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" -- it is shorter too, so less writing on your part.

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    If the couple is married I think you are probably stuck with Mr. and Mrs,

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    because of the fact the lady is an minor, you may positioned the two names on the envelope, with the older one first and the greater youthful one below. If she is an older teenager (sixteen and above), you would be able to desire to deliver 2 invites out.

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