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Who will win in the Blaze of glory fight Manny Pacquiao or Jorge Solis?

Who will win Manny pacman or Jorge solis?What are your predictions in the fight.Your opinions pls.THANKS!!!

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    i honestly think that the Pac-Man is going to win by knockout. maybe somewhere the 5th --- 9th rounds. I also heard that Erick Morales used Jorge Solis as a sparring partner in several ocations and said the Jorge does not have the power to do anything to paquiao. That said i believe PAC-Man is going to win. although i ruting for Solis


    Source(s): And by the way iam going to this Fight in San Antonio, Texas
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    It's an obvious mismatch. Pacman should win inside 4 rounds. But I'd rather see him lose though so that he may be humbled. He has become too arrogant and, at the same time, stupid that he thinks he can conquer the Philippine Congress by virtue of his ring prowess.

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    Eventhough solis is undefeated with two draws he has not had quality opponents. Manny will probably come out victorious.

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    Manny by early KO

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    Pacquiao, they said that Solis' previous opponents were all patsies.

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