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Does anybody know the name of the font that is used in the Ford Motor Company's logo?

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    I'm sure it's a proprietary font, designed by the commercial artist who designed the logo. There is a font called "Ford Script," which is made to resemble the Ford logo.

    Quoting the source below: "I doubt an existing type was used at the time of the design of the Ford logotype. It is based on an English Script. But that's it. Based on.

    In 2000, when the oval was reintroduced, Auto Buzz wrote:

    Elements of the centennial oval are apparent through many evolutions of the company�??s logo since 1903. In 1909, the style of the word "Ford," designed by C.H. Wills, an engineer and draftsman who came to Ford shortly after its incorporation, continues as part of today's logo.

    One that comes close is Commercial Script. There is also a font named Ford Script, made to resemble the Ford logotype. Not a very good attempt. The 'F' is a straigt forward copy of the Commercial Script - so does not match. And the 'o' ... well ..."

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