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if evolution is real, then why did god create jesus?

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    #1: What is this question doing in the _mathematics_ section?

    #2: What makes you think God:

    a) exists?

    b) created Jesus?

    #3: From a compatibilist standpoint (not my personal point of view - I myself am an atheist), one might say that even an evolved being can still sin and require salvation. In fact, one might say that an evolved being might especially require such services, since they wouldn't have the benefit of being designed perfect and thus unable to sin from the very beginning. In fact, one might even say that evolution is the only way God can create man, since if man was created by design, God would be able to control every parameter of man's thought, and by extension be able to decide during the design phase exactly how man would behave, thus placing man under his complete control. Only by adding a random component (say, by having man evolve rather than be designed) could God preserve free will.

    #4: But as I said earlier, why is this in the mathematics section?

    Edit: wyominggirlie16, you have been incredibly badly misinformed. Read, for instance, and to be better informed about the sun, and about the lady hope myth. In fact, please read the entire index to creationist claims so that you never spout such ignorance again.

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    Way to open up the can of worms.

    When I think of evolution, it doesn't even involve God. Jesus may have existed in the same sense of Buddha or Muhammad. They were Mother Theresa's of their time. No divine powers, just larger than life exaggerations of their unselfish good deeds. They did not want to be worshiped.

    Evolution is explained through the scientific method, while religions can't do that.

    I'm not saying that Religion is wrong or bad. Religion just shouldn't try to explain things scientifically and should be left as a spiritual aspect of people.

    People should aspire to be like Jesus Christ, Buddha, or Muhammad.

    Most people will preach one thing, but then do something that contradicts that. Turn the other cheek... it's what many so called religious people don't do.

    God created Jesus for the same reason God created every unselfish good person in the world. To help those in need without expecting anything in return. Lead by example.

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    Even if God did create Jesus, what on Earth does that have to do with evolution? Or mathematics for that matter?

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    God created Jesus because of evolution. There ! Does that make any more sense than your question? You are trying to compare apples and oranges.

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    Evolution isn't real. Its been scientificly proven that the sun would have burned up if it took as long as scientist say it would have to evolved. Basically its been proven wrong, but its not in the school system cause there are to many people out there who thinks it would be to religous to admit it as wrong.

    Oh, and if you check out the life of Charles Darwin you'll find out that in his death bed he recanted his writings and admited that he just made everything up, however, the books were already widely accepted and published all over so he couldn't really recall them (Since he sold his publishing rights)

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    jesus is a profet of all others like muhammed s.a.v. jesus anly a prophet of allah not a god..he is a human been. thank you..take care yourself.

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    Evolution ISN'T real.

    Scientists feel that they have to explain EVERYTHING.

    Well, they can't.

    The only person who has the power to explain everything is God... because He is the one who MADE everything.

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    That is an amazing question! This should finaly prove that evolution is stupid!

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