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Current 2007 NBA Playoff standings?

Which teams have clinched making the playoffs, and which teams are out? ( )

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    x = Clinched playoff spot

    y = Clinched division

    z = Clinched conference

    o = Out of playoff contention


    x Detroit

    x Chicago

    y Toronto

    x Miami

    x Cleveland

    o Atlanta

    o Milwaukee

    o Boston


    y Dallas

    y Phoenix

    x San Antonio

    y Utah

    x Houston

    o Seattle

    o Memphis

  • nishi
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    I'm going to plug Yahoo since this is "Yahoo!"

    East clinched:

    1. x-Detroit

    2. x-Chicago

    3. y-Toronto

    4. x-Miami

    5. x-Cleveland

    West clinched:

    1. Dallas --

    2. Phoenix

    3. San Antonio

    4. Utah

    5. Houston

    Out: most teams only have 6 games left, and 8 seeds make... this leaves

    East: Atlanta, Milwauke, Boston

    West: Seattle, Memphis

  • Sunny
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    Currently, for the East:

    Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, Miami and Cleveland definitely clinched a spot.

    Charlotte, Altanta, Milw, and Boston are definitely out.

    For the West:

    Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, Utah and Houston definitely clinched a spot.

    Portland, Sac, Seattle and Memphis are out!

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