What ever happened to Jesse James's wife after he was killed ?

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    Following the murder of her husband, Jesse Woodson James, in St Joseph, Missouri, on April 3rd 1882, Zerelda (Zee) James, nee Mimms (Jesse's first cousin) and their two children (Jesse Edward born August 31 1875 and Mary Susan born June 17 1879) moved to Kansas City to live with her brother.

    Zerelda suffered from depression for the rest of her life, never remarried, wore the same black clothing for the rest of her life and became a recluse. She died on November 13th, 1900 in Kansas City and is buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery, Kearney, Missouri. About 18 months later, her husband's body was moved from its resting place on his family farm and was buried alongside her.

    Jesse Edward James married Stella McGowan on January 24th 1900. He lived to be 78 and died on 26th March 1951 in Los Angeles, Califiornia.

    Mary Susan James married a local farmer, Henry Barr on March 6 1901. They had four children - Lawrence H., Forster Ray., Chester A. & Henrietta. Mary Susan James died on October 11th 1935.

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    What ever happened to Jesse James's wife after he was killed ?

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    Zee Mimms

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    Zerelda Mimms

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    he died?

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