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How is my fantasy basbeall team? How would you rate it from a scale of 1-10?

Jason Varitek

Derrek Lee

Tadahito Iguchi

Melvin Mora

Jhonny Peralta

Eric Byrnes

Manny Ramirez

Nick Markakis

Nomar Garciaparra

Curtis Granderson

David Eckstein

Barry Zito

Bronson Arroyo

Chris Capuano

Jeff Suppan

Jose Contreras

Brad Lidge

Jason Isringhausen

John Smoltz

B.J. Ryan

Gustavo Chacin

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    very weak hitters i still give it a 7 of granderson and markakis get hot then i say a 9 but good luck you have great pitcher potential

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    5. Your pitching is not as good as people are saying as your only elite pitcher is Smoltz. I'm not sold that Arroyo is elite yet, but Capuano, Arroyo and Zito are some of the best of the not yet elite group. Outfield is decent but you have no real power hitters except for Lee and Ramirez, that's kind of a problem. You do have very good bench guys like Garciaparra, and in particular Granderson. Peralta should not be an everyday starter at SS, this will give you trouble

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    Your hitting is very weak outside of Manny & D Lee. Middle of the pack at best speed-wise. Could be a good team in reality, but not in fantasy. Every last hitter beyond them are the equivalent of 12th round or later. Your pitching has some potential, but few givens as well. This team is a 4.5 out of 10.

    Source(s): Multiple championships, 6 of 8 leagues last year, playing for over 10 years.
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    Pitching is very strong but hitting could be a little stronger. i would give the team a 7.5

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    your pitching is strong but you need to get some more reliable hitting especially homerun hitters, but it really depends on how other teams are stacked, my grade 6

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    10 happy easter

  • potatoe!!

    0 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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