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st. christopher?

i had a st. christopher necklace bought for me on my birth day, i was just wondering who he is exactly and what religion hes linked with?

if i had to guess id say it werecatholics

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    St. Christopher was a ferryman in the old sense of the word, that is, he literally carried people across rivers on his back when there were no boats available. The image on your medal probably shows him carrying the Christ Child and refers to an old story about him.

    One day, Christopher was approached on the banks of a river by a young child who asked to be carried across. The child was very small, and Christopher was a large, burly man, so this was no problem. Once in the water, a strange thing happened. The further across Christopher traveled, the heavier the child became, until the man found himself struggling and gasping for breath. Finally with a mighty effort, he heaved himself up onto the opposite shore and collapsed on the ground, overcome by his exertions.

    Christopher looked up in bewilderment at the small child and asked why he was so impossibly heavy. The child replied that He was Jesus Christ and the weight that Christopher had borne was that of all the sins of the world which the Lord had taken upon Himself for our sake. Then the Holy Child disappeared.

    Incidentally the name Christopher means "Christ-carrier". He is the patron saint of travelers. Years ago, nearly every Catholic driver had a medal or statue of St. Christopher in his car for protection. Medals were also given to travelers going abroad in planes and ships, and to servicemen.

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    I believe in St. Christopher. I don't know the mechanics of how and why, but for some reason there are a couple of saints who seem extremely effective when approached correctly, regardless of the petitioner's religion. These are St. Christopher and St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes. I think you can safely put your faith in either of these guys so long as you are honest and genuine.

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    St. Christopher was once known to Catholics as the patron saint of travelers, and his image is still widely regarded as a protective amulet for people as they go on thier way from point a to point be. I think the church itself no longer considers Chrisopher a real saint though. In the very early days of the church, some Pagan deities were adopted as saints. According to a book called "The sacred origens of profound things", the earliest physical descriptions of St. Christopher were of a being 8 feet tall, and with the head of a jackal. This would indicate that he was the Egyptian God Anubis in a previous incarnation. Anubis sees to the safe conduct of souls to the afterlife, and this is where the idea of St. Christopher as a protector of travelers came from. Anubis is also known as "the ferryman" and conducts souls accross the river Styx, in order to get them to the "other side". (that has not stopped me from having an image of St. Christopher in the family car, and on my charm bracelet though:) )

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    First of all, you are right in your guess. Catholic. According to the story, St. Christopher was a giant who carried people on his shoulders across a river. One day he carried a child who became heavier and heavier with each step. When St. Christopher made it to the far shore the child thanked him and said, "...You have carried the weight of the whole world and He who made it on your shoulders..."

    St. Christopher is recognized as the patriot saint of travelers.

    Good luck.


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    it is catholic religion, and it is for protection while traveling, I have one in every car and truck we own, and one on our motorcycle, I strongly believe in them, my children have them in their cars to, both children have had a wreck, and their cars were mess up one totaled, but they both walked away without a scratch on them, when I was growing up the only car without one was in a bad wreck, my dad was hurt really bad, and my brothers were hurt to, but all the other wrecks that my family has been in nobody got hurt and they all had the st. Christopher medals in them

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    The medal is supposed to protect you when you are travelling.

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    just another myth and fairy tale

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