Where do substrates bind to enzymes?

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All enzymes and substrates have a unique shape so that they will only bond to each other. The site where they bond is called the "active site."


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  • Juan C answered 7 years ago
    into a specific active site...
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  • Becca answered 7 years ago
    Each type of enzme has a uniquely shaped active site. The substrate or reactant molecule fits in the active site. The binding of the substrate to an active site causes the enzyme to change shape slightly (induced fit). Some enzymes do has an area similar to the active site, which is the allosteric site which allows a noncompetitors inhibitors to enter it.
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  • brisko389 answered 7 years ago
    Binding takes place at the active site. This is the site where the catalytic reaction occurs and products are formed. The geometry of the substrate is complementary to the active site to facilitate bonding.
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  • ecolink answered 7 years ago
    active site
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  • puppyraiser8 answered 7 years ago
    The active site
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