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This question is for anyone in the Social Service, Child Support profession:?

When a guardian goes after one non-custodial parent to try to get more money from her(mom), does Ch.Support go after the other non-custodial parent(dad)??? Does Ch. Support render the parents homeless, I know the money is for the children, but come on, I have no where to live........How am I supposed get a place to live to retain custody of my children??? PLEASE HELP!!!


The guardian is my aunt......She is trying to extort more money because she is very greedy.....My kids still have the same busted,old shoes, and clothes........She is using my money for her own needs, She had free daycare for a year, where's the extra money?? She is a registered Foster Care Provider, even though my kids are not under foster care, it's called kinship care here in Virginia.......She does not want to see me with anything.....I can't get housing because my mother messed up my credit, so every apartment I go to denies me housing.....Even section 8, or apts. based on income.....I don't know who to contact..........I NEED HELP BAD AND FAST!!!!

Update 2:

P.S. My aunt is a Secretary for the Heart Surgeon at the hospital where she works......So what do I Do??

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    If your child is a ward of the court and they have already determined paternity.the mother and the father are equally responsible to support their child,If your child was adjudicated,the court will assign the indigent parents and their child to a court appointed attorney,and you will have help to get on your feet to provide a decent ,stable home for that child,the treatment plan can take as long as 15 months to complete,in the meantime contact any community center, YWCA YMCA Opportunities Inc,Dept of human services etc.The DHS may not be the best ,but its all we have.Remember,they are human too,and with an honest effort they can help.

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    Assuming you are in England & Wales where I practice - you are in a very typical situation. As there is a guardian chasing you then I get the impression that your situation is even more complex than most.

    Ordinarily the CSA contribution calculation will have made an allowance for your own living costs. However I appreciate that in practice this is often unrealistically low. I strongly advise you to seek professional advice from a solicitor.

    I am a solicitor

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    Perhaps you could get on the waiting list for Section 8 housing?

    Check under HUD in your phone book.

    I hope thing work out and you can get your kids back soon.

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