Music title in movie Hackers?

The scene montage towards the end when they were all at a phone booth going againts the villain hacker? Has a good bass beat to it.

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    Here is the list of songs from the movie!

    # "Original Bedroom Rockers"

    Written by Peter Kruder & Richard Dorfmeister

    Performed by Kruder & Dorfmeister

    Courtesy of Quango Music Group

    # "Cowgirl"

    Written by Richard Smith and Harl Hyde

    Performed by Underworld

    Courtesy of Wax Trax! Records / TVT Records

    # "Voodoo People"

    Written by Liam Howlett

    Performed by Prodigy

    Courtesy of EMI / Virgin Music Inc.

    # "Open Up"

    Written by Neil John Barnes, Paul Terence Daley and John Lydon

    Performed by Leftfield

    Courtesy of Columbia Records and The Atlantic Recording Corporation

    # "Phoebus Apollo"

    Written by Carl Cox

    Performed by Carl Cox

    Courtesy of MMR Publishing and Ultimatum Records Ltd.

    # "The Joker"

    Written by Josh Abrahams

    Performed by Josh Abrahams

    Courtesy of Ultimatum Records Ltd.

    # "Halcyon & On & On"

    Written by Paul Hartnoll, Phili Hartnoll and Ed Barton

    Performed by Orbital

    Courtesy of PWL International

    # "Communicate (Headquake Hazy Cloud Mix)"

    Written by Guzz / Boysen

    Performed by Plastico

    Courtesy of Misty Music, Sweden and MNW Records Group AB

    # "One Love"

    Written by Liam Howlett

    Performed by Prodigy

    Courtesy of Warner Special Products and XL Recordings

    # "Connected"

    Written by Robert Birch, Nichlas Hallam, Harry Wayne Casey (as Harry W. Casey) and Richard Finch

    Performed by Stereo MC's

    Courtesy of Island Records Limited

    # "Eyes, Lips, Body (Mekon Vocal Mix)"

    Written by Chapman / Somerset / Roberts

    Performed by Ramshackle

    Courtesy of Copyright Control and Big Life Records [1994] Limited

    # "Good Grief"

    Written by Patrick Ian Tilon, Michael Schoots, Siluano Matadin, Rene

    Van Barneveld

    Performed by Urban Dance Squad

    Courtesy of Virgin Records America, Inc. o/b/o Virgin Benelux BV and Ultimate Def Sounds

    # "Richest Junkie Still Alive (Sank Remix)"

    Written by Benzel, Fisher, Riendeau, Kupers

    Performed by Machines of Loving Grace

    Courtesy of SensDepLabs, BMI / Threptos Music, BMI and Mammoth Records

    # "Heaven Knows"

    Written by Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook

    Performed by Squeeze

    Courtesy of A & M Records

    # "Protection"

    Written by Robert Del Naja, Grantley Marshall, Andrew Vowles and Tracey Thorn

    Performed by Massive Attack

    Courtesy of Crca Records Ltd

    Virgin Records America Inc.

    # "Real wild child"

    Written by Johnny O'Keefe, Johnny Greenman and Dave Owens

    # "Original"

    Ned John Ramos

    Performed by Leftfield

    Columbia Records

    # "Grand Central Station"

    Written by Guy Pratt

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