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Would nations such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others boycott the World Cup if Israel qualified 2010?

This could even happen in the Olympics if Israel qualifies from the UEFA U-21 tournament. A situation like this last happened in the Athens 2004 Olympics in JUDO, but Iran wasn't suspended from the JUDO Federation.

Surely Football is a much bigger deal what would FIFA do maybe suspend the Federations that participated in such a political protest. After all Israel came damn close in 2006 and there level of play is improving.


Doober you don't seem to understand that an Iranian Judo competitor forfieted his match rather then compete against his Israeli opponent.

Update 2:

The last time nation refused to play was in the 1968 Olympics. At the time Morocco didn't reconize Irsael and was replaced by


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    I think that Iran would refuse to play Isreal, thus giving Isreal the three points. What FIFA does after that I could only guess. I don't think they would boycott the cup though. I would like to think that Saudi Arabia would play.

    Doober, they already do mix politics and sports. This is why Isreal must play in the european zone. A number of asain countries refuse to recognize Isreal's right to exist and will not participate in any sporting event involving face to face compatition with Isrealis. It should be noted that Palestinian teams DO play in the Isreali Football leagues.

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    Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan do not represent a true Islamic way of life. They violate one of the number one rules: there is no compulsion in Islam. This means you can't force anyone to do anything, such as grow beards (growing a beard is Sunnah anyway, which means it's not required, more like extra credit). Islam supports freedom and democracy, as well as respect for women.

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    Honestly... i'm all for Israel. I'm Israeli and i actually think that Israel should have made it to the World Cup in 2006 it's just that they played harder teams than other countries did... if they had played someone like the Netherlands i bet that they could have been qualified. Yeah... Iran is full of frikkin selfish babies who would cost themselves a victory to israel rather than play Israel. No joke. They're just idiots. I'm not saying that about the people because i have a lot of Iranian friends, but i'm saying it about the country itself.

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    The whole situation is rather sad. If someone is good enough to qualify, they should be able to compete. The political divide between these countries effect all their decisions. As for what FIFA would do, who really knows. When you expect them to step up they often take the easy or politically correct way out. It would be great if people could leave politics and religion out of the game and respect the right for all to compete.

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    I dunno about all this Israel-related crap. Apparently Israel isn't really a country? but we are recognizing it as one now?

    it's all confusing in my opinion...

    i wish israel would just effing make up with all those countries and resolve its issues. i know its a lot to ask, but it seems ridiculous one nation is causing this much crap amongst an entire continent and world. and i understand the issue is complex, but these politicians are not trying hard enough to solve the issues.

    and i think it would be dumb if this led to iran boycotting it. theyre actually a pretty decent team..

    i hope my comment doesnt come off as ignorant or insensitive, but i think everyone wishes peace in the middle east. its getting really irritating, that these two nations keep killing people. its time to put the past behind us.. lets work towards a peaceful future!

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    The point is Iran is the best team in Asia and will go far into the world cup 2010. I bet you anything that they can defeat a team like France or England if they play them.

    Christian your a moron and a complete idiot and you think Valencia is interesting? LMAO

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    wtf. It's all gov't!!! The teams are fair and not like that. I know. I am Iranian and support the team. The Iranian gov't is screwed up, but the team isn't.

    Please!! Don't bring politics to the beautiful game!

    I agree with doober and andygurl!!

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    I would think its opposite. Israel would not want to be in danger. So I would think Israel would drop out. It has happened before, it would easily happen again. I personally would drop out if the Middle East countries are in.

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    ummm i dont think they would boycottth world cup for that.

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    yes we arabs hates to even shake their hands..we are fair play..but we don't like them cos they are..

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