My parents are saying that i cant lose my american citizenship/passport since im only 13, but i say taht i can since american citizenship is once in a life time if you turn it down you cant do it any more. So Theyre applying me for a philippine passport, so i keep telling them ill lose my citizenship but they say no you wont, so they say that i cant lose american citizenship, so i need help, will i lose the citizenship or not?


I was born here and have a birth certificate so im a citizen..right?

Update 2:

Oh yeah and i do have a us passport

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    Yes you are a US citizen by birth if you are born in the US. Whether or not you can have dual citizenship based on your parents country of birth depends on the country. Not all countries allow dual citizenship. You can't just lose your citizenship if you are a natural born citizen.

    From USCIS website

    However, dual nationals owe allegiance to both the United States and the foreign country. They are required to obey the laws of both countries. Either country has the right to enforce its laws, particularly if the person later travels there.Most U.S. citizens, including dual nationals, must use a U.S. passport to enter and leave the United States. Dual nationals may also be required by the foreign country to use its passport to enter and leave that country. Use of the foreign passport does not endanger U.S. citizenship.Most countries permit a person to renounce or otherwise lose citizenship.

    Have a read of this very good site on Dual Citizenship by Rich Wales. There is lots of questions and answers which will ease your mind. His site is often referred to also on various immigration sites as it is the most up to date information available.

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    If you were born here, you are a U.S. Citizen and will have a U.S. Passport.

    If your parents were born in the Philippines and are citizens of that nation, you may apply for what is called "dual citizenship" and get a Phillipine passport also.

    If your parents have become naturalized American Citizens then the request for a Phillipine passport will be denied.

    My grandson's father is from Haiti, holds a Haitian passport and a green residency card in the U.S. Therefore, my grandson carries a U.S. passport and a Haitian passport....neither one makes the other invalid.

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    The Philippines have change the rules of citizenship. If you were a Philippine citizen and was naturalized as an American citizen, you lost your Philippine citizenship, but now you can apply to be a Philippine citizen again which will give you dual citizenship. Check with the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate.

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    No you won't lose your US citizenship since you're born there.... the Philippines have law that says :

    RA 9225 does not apply to dual citizens, ie, those who have both Philippine citizenship as well as foreign citizenship not acquired through naturalisation.

    A child born of parents who are both Filipino citizens (at the time of birth) in a country that adheres to the jus soli principle (eg, the United States) is a dual citizen. The child, who is a natural-born Filipino because the Philippines adheres to the jus sanginis principle, is also entitled to apply for a US passport.

    Jus soli (right of soil) is the legal principle that a person's nationality at birth is determined by the place of birth (ie, the territory of a given state).

    Jus sanguinis (right of blood) is the legal principle that, at birth, an individual acquires the nationality of his/her natural parent/s.

    A chld born of one parent who is a Filipino citizen (at the time of birth) and of one foreign parent (eg, Australian) whose country adheres to the jus sanguinis principle is a dual citizen and is entitled to apply for both Philippine and Australian passports.

    A child born of one parent who is a Filipino citizen (at the time of birth) and of one foreign parent (eg, Australian) whose country adheres to the jus sanguinis principle in a country that adheres to the jus soli principle (eg, US) would be entitled to apply for Philippine, Australian and US passports.

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    why would you want to get a Phil. passport if you're a U.S. citizen? It doesn't make sense to me,,,,, maybe it's possible to get phil. passport if you were born there and have dual citizenship

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    if american you must have a us passport. Hate to say this but are your parents messing with you because you might not be a us citizen and they just told you you are. I have seen it happen so manny times.

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