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How improve my small business?

I export sports shoes through the website: and I know there are many people need them, I just need the right way to help me grow my small business.

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    Decide how your sports shoes are better than the ones already out there. What benefits do they give the wearer? Why would anyone chose yours over the competition?

    Once you know this, here are a few ways to get the message out:

    1) News Release. Write a one page news release informing the public about the new trends in sports shoes. At the end of the release, tell all about the benefits of your shoes. Send out a release such as this once a month for about 6 months. It will be picked up by newspapers and online reporters everywhere.

    2) Sports shoes manufacturers trade association. Join such an association and get all sorts of help from them. They have trade fairs, a newsletter, inexpensive advertising resources, resellers, etc.

    3) Trade Fairs. These are superb venues for getting the word out. Attend with the idea of meeting a lot of people in your area and making valuable contacts. For a modest sum, you can become an exhibitor and show off samples and take orders. This is an awesome way to grow your business.

    Hope these help.


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    You need a good marketing model. How are others selling can you stand out? There are many books out there. You need to do your research. You need to spend some money driving people to your website. affiliate program, ad words, viral marketing.....

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    Learn English.

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    set your website so that it has and not just com, do this for each of the countries you want to attract with your marketing, also advertise on other websites.

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