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Name That Movie?

it was about a family there were in there house.. a mother a father..a bother..and two sisters then all of a sudden 3 or 4 guys come (strangers,murderurs, criminals, however you want to call them) they kill the mother, father, and bother...the sisters hide...and then the older sister calls 911 from the bothers computer and when one of the guys pick up the phone..they now know there is some one else in the house who is still alive....and etc. PLEASE someone i forgot the movies name, i really liked it!

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    Sounds like a cross between The Punisher and Cellular.


    --Lee Ann

    Sorry not to be more help.... do you know the name of any of the actors in it?

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    It could be just about any scary/horror movie out there.

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    Home Alone: death edition?

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    Hostage... with Bruce Willis maybe ???

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