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Why is it that a certain people are always the victim? Why is it that they feel the whole world blames them?

I am honestly sick to death about SOME of these people on here. In pointing the finger in blame, I think that they believe it makes them a victim. I seen these questions. Why do the Asians hate us? Why do the Mexians hate us? Why do the black people blame us for slavery? Why can't we run around calling people the N word? Why can't we have scholarship like they do? Why can't we have our own TV show? Mexicans do not speak the language..Do you agree with mixed marriages.? Black women are loud? Mexican women have babies? Muslims are horrible? Then we have the ones that answer questions with five pages of statistics biased toward one group. Then we have some people that put the N word in all thier answers. We have some to put down the Jewish. Just childish and ridicuolous things.

This is my point. Stop whining. If these things bother you soooo much pick up a picket sign, write congress. Just stop whining.

If one group is doing all that is said on here, why not ignore it hmmm?


If the behavior is so self destructive, why complain. I am sure that I am going to get some people calling me the N word, I really do not care. It still will not stop me from being me.

Update 2:

The first answer confirms the point I was making. Blacks are allegedly complaining about this person. The fact of the matter is that it is a statement that was made years ago. Now people want to blow it up and give another reason for being a victim. I do not believe that everyone is like this, but there is some bad apples.

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  • Meshel
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    1 decade ago
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    Girlfriend, thank you for asking this question? I am proud of you for asking it so generally, meaning you didn't blame just one group of people. I like to have fun, and most of the stupid racist questions put on here by both black and white people just crack me up. The people I think are being serious I will respond seriously to, and others I end up being sarcastic.

    Some of the blacks, whites, and other ethnicity's on this board are whiners, they all need to get over it. There are so many things that we as Americans should be worried about. Like Global warming, our foreign relations with other countries, who should be our next president to correct it. Most importantly Poverty in America which keeps getting worse.

    By the time we finally realize this it will be too late!


  • 1 decade ago

    Everyone is victim to their own self. You have to put God in your life and believe that you are his child and others are also; people are mean to each other and show their contempt it makes you judge and put up a defense, no matter what race, it can be the same race.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some people thrive on crisis.

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