metal gear solid 故事內容?

metal gear solid 一到四集係講咩嫁~



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    In 2005 (six years after the events of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake),[19] FOXHOUND and the genetically-enhanced Next-Generation Special Forces unit lead an armed uprising at Shadow Moses, a remote isle located in Alaska's Fox Archipelago and the site of a nuclear weapons disposal facility.[20] In the process, they acquire Metal Gear REX, a nuclear-capable bipedal tank, threatening the U.S. government with a nuclear reprisal if they do not receive a large cash ransom and the remains of the "legendary mercenary" Big Boss.[21] Solid Snake, in retirement at Alaska's Twin Lakes,[22] is forcibly dispatched at the request of Colonel Roy Campbell to penetrate the terrorist defenses and neutralize the threat.[23]

    Snake first locates hostage Donald Anderson, the DARPA chief. After he informs Snake of Metal Gear REX's deactivation procedure,[24] he mysteriously dies of what appears to be a heart attack.[25] Following a brief encounter with Meryl Silverburgh, who aids their escape from the base prison, Snake continues on to find the other hostage, ArmsTech president Kenneth Baker. He is used as bait by Revolver Ocelot, and Snake is challenged to a gunfight, interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious cyborg ninja who severs Ocelot's arm before escaping. Snake is again briefed on the Metal Gear project by Baker; much like the DARPA Chief, he dies of a sudden heart attack just before revealing key information.

    Snake then contacts Meryl via Codec, and agrees to meet her in the base's warhead disposal area on the condition he contact Metal Gear's designer, Hal "Otacon" Emmerich. While searching for him, he encounters the giant Vulcan Raven in an M1 Abrams tank, which he swiftly disables, and locates Otacon in his lab. The cyborg ninja Snake previously encountered reappears, and after a hand-to-hand battle reveals himself to be Solid Snake's former ally Gray Fox, who Snake believed he had killed years earlier. Before they can settle their score, the ninja vanishes again. Otacon, while safe, is unaware that Metal Gear is to be used as a nuclear delivery system, and breaks down when Snake informs him that he is continuing his family's close involvement with the US nuclear program. He agrees to aid Snake remotely, using special camouflage to procure information and supplies while remaining unseen. Snake then meets Meryl, and they discuss their differing roles as soldiers- Meryl having joined the military to feel closer to her father, an Army officer killed in action. Ultimately he allows her to accompany him on his mission. Their reunion is brief, and after being telepathically coerced by Psycho Mantis to attack Snake,[26] Sniper Wolf ambushes them, wounding and capturing Meryl and eventually Snake following a sniper's duel.

    While imprisoned, Liquid confirms Snake's suspicion that they are twin brothers.[27] He hands Snake over to Ocelot, who tortures him,[28] but Snake quickly escapes, and after being chased to the top of the base's Communications Tower, he encounters Liquid again, in a Hind-D attack helicopter. Despite being outgunned, Snake shoots it down,[29] and upon descending the tower is yet again ambushed by Sniper Wolf, and kills her following a second duel. Otacon, enamored with her, is overcome with grief, but continues to assist Snake.

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    Snake descends into the bowels of the Shadow Moses facility, first cutting through the base forge then down into the warehouses below. Here he encounters Raven again, this time face-to-face, and kills him. Before he dies, Raven reveals that the DARPA Chief

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    Infiltrating Metal Gear's hangar and following the supposed procedure to disarm the warhead, Snake unknowingly activates Metal Gear REX after which Master Miller reveals himself to be Liquid in disguise.

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    得英文既= ="

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    I have played MGS1-3 but I like the story of MGS1 the most! It really like playing inside a movie. Hope below can help you!



    阿拉斯加Shadow Moses島,高科技部隊「FOXHOUND」與他們帶領的次世代特殊部隊突如其來的起義,佔據了廢棄核子武器研究所。他們自稱「Big Boss 兒子們」對美國政府要求交付Big Boss的遺體。如果24小時以內沒有接受的話,就會發射核彈。

    美國政府招集原FOXHOUND司令官Roy Campbell上校為鎮壓作戰的司令官。坎貝爾上校招集了原FOXHOUND隊員Solid Snake。為了解決這次的恐怖活動,救出2名人質。一邊傳達任務內容,一邊接受各領域的專家們的支持,Snake單獨潛入任務開始了......。

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    MGS3概要這部的世界觀描寫了『Metal Gear』之前發生所的事情。涅吉德‧史涅克(Big Boss)成為本作的主角。[編輯] 貞潔任務1964年8月24日,正式組成的特種部隊「FOX」首次被賦予的實戰任務,援救蘇聯的武器開發者索考洛夫,協助他脫逃蘇聯前往美國。索考洛夫開發的新型武器在演習中的間隙,「FOX」的特務Naked Snake(裸體蛇,因為Snake沒帶任何真正的武器)以歷史上首次的HALO降落被空投在索考洛夫的研究所附近。「貞潔任務」就這樣的情況下開始了。

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    MGS3[編輯] 食蛇者作戰貞潔任務失敗後的一週後。在美國總統與蘇聯共產黨黨主席的熱線協商下而產生的任務,為了救出被敵人擄走的索考洛夫,然後破壞他所開發的新型武器「Shagohod」。並且暗殺逃亡到蘇聯的『The Boss』。Snake再次潛入敵人的陣營。以消滅『The Boss』麾下的特種部隊「Cobras」為由命名,「食蛇者作戰」開始了。

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    MGS4• 故事的舞臺是戰場。時間是『MGS2』多年後。 • 本作中『Solid Snake』再次成為主角。但是,這次他的外表成為了老人。構成Snake的身體組織的遺傳基因的細胞核,因為Snake出生時是使用『Big Boss』55歲的源體,結果提早老化。由於這個緣故,本作『Solid Snake』別名被叫作『Old Snake』。 • 名為「月光」, 沒有裝備核武的Metal Gear將會在本作登場;當然, 裝備了核武的型號也可能出現。

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    MGS4• Metal Gear Solid系列的人物大部份也會出場。(已確認的有Solid Snake, Roy Campbell, Meryl Silverburgh, Naomi Hunter, Otacon(Hal Emmerick), Revolver Ocelot(Liquid Snake), Raiden, Mei Ling和Vamp) • Raiden也會登場,而且不會像『2』一樣地不受玩家歡迎(小島監督談) • 不能操縱Raiden,本作只能操縱Snake(小島監督談)

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    • Johnny Sasaki(在MGS中Solid Snake被囚禁時負責看守的士兵; MGS3中出場的Johnny是其祖父)也會登場(小島監督談) • Revolver Ocelot被移植的Liquid Snake的手臂控制。由於這個緣故,本作『Revolver Ocelot』別名被叫作『Liquid Ocelot』。

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    not enough space... so just the link for MGS2

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    The question asked about 一到四集.

    Does above relevant and meet the requirement? Is it still the best one?

    Look at another one's answer la.

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