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where do i go to find out who played Trevor's mom in the movie "pay it forward"?

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  • ron w
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    1 decade ago
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    Yahoo Movies:

    Or, I could tell you....

    Kevin Spacey Eugene Simonet

    Helen Hunt Arlene McKinney

    Haley Joel Osment Trevor McKinney

    Jay Mohr Chris Chandler

    Jim Caviezel Jerry

    Jon Bon Jovi Ricky

    Angie Dickinson Grace

    David Ramsey Sidney

    Gary Werntz Thorsen

    Colleen Flynn Woman on the Bridge

    Marc Donato Adam

    Kathleen Wilhoite Bonnie

    Liza Snyder Michelle

    Jeannetta Arnette Nurse

    Hannah Werntz Thorsen's Daugher

    Tina Lifford Principal

    Loren D. Baum Rough Kid No 1

    Nico Matinata Rough Kid No 2

    Zack Duhame Rough Kid No 3

    Shawn Pyfrom Shawn

    Alexandra Kotcheff Alexandra

    Bradley White Jordan

    Christi Colombo Christi

    Phllip Stewart Phillip

    Justin Parsons Justin

    Myeshia Dejore Walker Myeshia

    Brenae Suzanne Davey Brenae

    Molly Kate Bernard Molly

    Andrew Patrick Flood Andy

    Tameila N. Turner Tameila

    Julian Correa Julian

    Carrie Ann Sillivan School Girl

    Patricia Deanda Change Girl

    Ryan Berti Hallway Kid No 1

    Gabriela Rivas Hallway Kid No 2

    Carrick O'Quinn Man in Window

    Stephanie Feury Woman in Window

    Bernard White Cop

    Tom Bailey Liquid Man No 1

    Tim deZarn Liquid Man No 2

    Jonathan Nichols (II) Liquid Man No 3

    Ron Keck Lowlife No 1

    John Powers Lowlife No 2

    Bob McCracken Creepy Middle-Aged Man

    Frank Whiteman Doctor

    Eugene Osment Cop Who Gives Directions

    Kendall Tenney Male Newscaster

    Sue Tripathy Female Newscaster

    Rusty Meyers (II) News Stand Guy

    Leslie Dilley The Governor

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  • 1 decade ago
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  • 1 decade ago

    Helen Hunt

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to Yahoo and in the search box type Pay It Forward Cast

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    type in 'pay it forward'

    then review the cast list

    if trevor is the little boy, it was helen hunt

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  • 1 decade ago

    This website has it all, even things that don't exist yet.

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