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What is the city of Boston Like? Meaning the people, the environment, the traffic, weather etc..?


I am currently a high school senior who got accepted to Berklee College of Music. I live in south central los angeles. Ive never visited before and have no idea what its like there. So any responses would be great,

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    I just had to answer your question because I was you a bunch of years ago. Because my Dad died, I wasn't able to tour colleges so just picked the one that was ranked best for my major (BU Communications was #1 in the country then. I at least got to go up for an orientation...and almost had a nervous breakdown. See I saw the pics and it looked like there was actually a campus ..HA.

    So a key to keep in mind is that basically Boston IS your campus. While there are many pro's and con's, it definately affords experiences you just don't get in a sheltered separate campus. Judging from those I know from Berklee (students later professors), it is a very mellow, accepting, artistically open environment.

    Because of all the colleges Boston has always been a young town, which can be a lot of fun. There is ALWAYS something going on regardless of what you like to do. And it doesn't hurt that it is one of the prettiest and most livable cities in the country. Enough so that I stayed here after college and it is still my home!

    Just exploring the area will be many great times. Since Boston is a city of neighborhoods, each with it's own feel and purpose (Ie Chinatown, versus tony Back Bay, vs hip South End, Vs the North End, the Italian section and on and on. So exploring is like visiting and finding treasures in many different type areas. You'll find a diverse population of many cultures living in diverse areas with interesting reflections of that. I learned I love Brazilian food, Dim Sum for lunch, greek pasteries, Chilean sandwiches, southern bbq, and on and on and on.

    You will have a gazillion choices for restaurants, things to do etc. So as long as you lose any desire for a campus type college situation, you will be ready for the blast Boston is! And my guess is since you are used to city environment, it should be an easy transition.

    As for environment, generally kewl, basicially friendly (sometimes some city coldness in walking the streets at rush hour), but nicer than most cities. Most folks talk and hang it's it's a kewl environment. For weather learn the old adage here..."if you don't like the weather wait a minute." It is true more times than I can count. I have had the top down on my convertable and a few hours later it was snowing. It's especially variable along the coast with seabreezes. But the seasons are gorgous. Winter is too long of course, often too harsh, but the other 3 make up for it. Since it sounds like you aren't used to cold get yourself a REALLY warm coat! And learn to layer! Traffic is a nightmare, but luckily in town proper you can take the T easily to most places you want to go. And it is a very walkable town too. Unlike LA, it's easier to get around here without a least in Boston proper.

    I'm sure you will love it. And there is such amazing talent at Berklee that if nothing else you will have an one in a lifetime opportunity with that....what fun! Plus good shows there often, not to mention lot's of live music still in Boston area that's been so hard to find all over in recent years. Less than it was, but still a lot more than other cities.

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    As far as the people, it's very diverse. I'm sure you are used to this, since you live near a big city now. There are some people who are snobby, or rude but not everyone. There are lots of friendly, nice people as well. It's much smaller than LA. And also, generally a young city. There are so many colleges, universities, etc around here that sometimes it seems like most of the population is college students. Traffic is bad, but nothing compared to LA. I've spent a lot of time sitting in both! So you'll be used ot the traffic. But, Boston roads are much more confusing than California. Forget about seeing a street sign when you're trying to navigate where you're going! And the roads are much smaller as well. . . .The weather is nice, if you like to see a dramatic change of season. Spring and Fall will be in the 40's-60's, with wind and rain. Winter can be harsh, with snow, sleet and freezing tempertures. And of course, the summers are hot, humid and have temperatures as much as 100. Why not visit for a bit first, and see how you like it. See when Berklee offers campus tours. From what I know, it is a very nice school.

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    The people are great. Before I moved here, everyone told me how rude Bostonians were but that hasn't been my experience at all (then again, a lot of Bostonians aren't native Bostonians). There are lots of friendly people of all ages, in all jobs and walks of life.

    I'm not sure what you mean by environment, so I'll just take a stab. When it's warm, it can get smoggy in the city. I live about ten miles out, and on a warm day I can't see the city at all becaues it's in a layer of smog. It's not difficult breathing, and most of the time it's nice and clear. It's crowded, but there are a lot of beautiful places that are more nature-like that aren't far at all, including my favorite, Walden Pond.

    The traffic is crazy, but I suppose it depends on where you're from. Roads are narrow, lanes frequently start and stop with no notice, streets change names a lot, and there's a lot of people on these roads. As the person above me said, parking is a pain in the *ss. If you meter-park your car, you have to move it every two hours. Parking garages are available, but expensive. But I figure this is how it is in most urban areas, so I don't find it that big a deal.

    The weather is good. This winter has been strange, but I hear it's not normally like this. We didn't get a good snow until Valentine's Day, and I was outside in a t-shirt on Christmas. It snowed the other day, the biggest wettest snowflakes I've ever seen, and the next day there was no trace of it. The summer is warm and comfortable, and there's a nice long fall. (Fall in New England is beautiful.) It gets windier than I expected, but it's not bad.

    In terms of etc., it's fantastic. There's a lot to do here (see my answers to other people in this section for ideas), and a ton of history. The cost of living is high. Transportation is easy and plentiful. If you need higher education or medical care, this is a great place to be. There's tons of colleges and lots of hospitals.

    I love it here. It was great to visit, and it's fantastic to live here.

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    some people are rich and snobby. some people are middle class, smarty pants, and snobby. some people are blue collar happy go lucky and snobby. some people are party animal college kids-too drunk or hung over to be snobby. then you have the droves of "couples" trying to furnish their perfect ikea apartment with the latest storage saving compartment

    the environment is cold kinda like some of the people. the traffic is not too bad. but forget about parking. the friends you do make are awesome because they suffered through the city with you. sports are fantastic- red sox and celtics are what make the city come to life. living is expensive. oh, and dont forget to be snobby

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    there is a lot of rude people there. the taxi drivers always beep there horns for no reason. they really pis me off. but thats what lots of cities are like. but Boston is a really beatifull city. And there is so many stores around. But i think you will like it there. And there is kind of a lot of traffic there. all major cites have a lot of traffic.

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