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Drug tests?

what do urine drug tests look for and will inhalants show up in the test.

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    actually, urine drug tests, for random urines are pretty specific. They have to be sent for specificificity testing if anything pops positive. They pick up THC, amphetamines, benzodiazapames, PCP, methamphetamines, and TCA's and opiates. but not Darvocet.... It depends on what lab runs the test and what they are testing for.

    As far as inhalants go - if they suspect it they will test for it and it will show up. Inhalants go into your blood stream even faster than shooting up. In CPR/Codes when you have no IV line, you can give some of the drugs via airway. So, it doesn't drown you, although too much liquid can do that. BUT it absorbs into the blood stream faster and at higher levels since it does not pass through the liver first as it would with by mouth stuff.

    Source(s): Nurse Practitioner with a lab onsite.
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    levels of chemicals in the urine blood hair depending on type of test. don't worry inhalints are not really drugs all you are doing is depriving the brain of oxygen like drowning yourself. so keep on paying for nothing you should just breathe into a ballon for a minute you'll get the same high and it would be free

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    Chances are that it won't, however, there is a chance that you can die from doing inhalants. It's like choking yourself. Also, certain inhalants will definitely give you serious brain damage. The sad thing is, people who get this type of brain damage are usually not aware of it, but everyone else can tell that they act and speak funny.

    Source(s): I'm a drug counselor
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    yes they will, pretty much everything shows up

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