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A toilet flushed S of the equator swirl’s in the opposite direct to a toilet N of the equator.?

Is this in any way related to the direction of orbits and the rotation of the galixy?


I don't understand this except I know it's because of the earth’s rotation. What I’m asking is does the rotation of our galaxy have anything to do with the direct of orbits and the direction of planets spin in our solar system. Is it a similar type thing?

Update 2:

I know sailors that observed the swirl in the toilets change directions after they crossed the equator on the ship.

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    Amazing.....Toilets water swirl is due to the direction of the flow jets on the inside of the bowl. It has nothing to due with orbits etc... I have seen this question here 4 times in 3 weeks.

    What person is making this stuff up.

    I am a scientist in Geomorphology and have been to 36 different countries and I can tell you from facts and observation the toilet swirl has nothing I REPEAT NOTHING to do with orbits and rotation.

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    It has nothing to do with the Earth's rotation. It is because of magnetic pull towards the poles.

    FYI.. The distance at which it changes direction is only about 15 feet on either side of the Equator!

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    I went to Australia and made a can with a hole in the bottom and did my best to start with very still water and then let the water out observing which way the the water turned. I did this about 20 times. There were about as many left handed whirlpool as their were right handed. From that experience I can tell you the Coriolis effect is so weak it is barely detectable and definitely too weak to determine which way water goes down a drain. Try it yourself. See if you can make a can with a hole in the bottom drain consistently the same direction. I bet you can't.

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    The rotation of the toilet swirl is based on the plumbing system used, not in the rotation of the galaxies. It is not also related to the Coriolis Effect.(im in N Hemisphere, but the toilet in our supermarket rotates clockwise).

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    Yes it will rotate in the opposite direction. This is because of the coriolis effect, it is an artifact of the Earth’s rotation. It has nothing to do with the Galaxy’s rotation.

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    Galaxys don't have nothern and southern hemispheres.

    I'm just guessing, but I think the direction and speed of their rotation would be related to the rotation of the hypothetical super-massive blackhole at the center of it.

    *EDIT* I find this Geologist saying they don't spin any different in the southern hemispere amazing, given that tropical storms spin in the oppisite direction. -.-;;

  • NO!!!!!!!!

    This is a myth. The Coriolis effect in this case is overpowered by other influences involved. Toilet water drainage direction is dependent mainly on the shape of the bowl.

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    Yes, they do. It is due to something called the Coriolis effect.

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    yup it is true and it i 100% related to how the earth spins.

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