What is the best beginner motorcycle, but yet sporty looking?

I want to ride a motorcycle but don't know much about them. I here people talk about 700's and 600's and I am like "what!?!". SO someone let me know the best one for a beginner and what exactly is a 600 -700 -1000?


I plan on riding every now and then in town. I will probably be on the highway with it too for about 30 minutes a day

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    The numbers are the engine size. Here's my guide to the ones you're asking about, when it comes to sport bikes.

    600: About 100 hp in a 400 lb package. It's possible for a beginner to ride one, but not very easy.

    700: Even crazier than a 600.

    1000: One liter here, and ungodly fast. Very few riders can actually push one to its limits. Even fairly experienced motorcycle journalists will admit to being scared of these monsters.

    For just learning to ride, I'd stay under 50 hp. This would mean a 500 cc or under with the bikes available today (the old Yamaha Seca is an exception, a beginner friendly 600). A sport bike like this will still be pretty fast compared to most things on four wheels, but it's a lot more predictable and forgiving than a 600.

    There's four choices out there that I recommend from reputable manufacturers: The Kawasaki Ninja 250 and 500, the Suzuki GS500F, and the Buell Blast. I ride a GS500F myself, but I recommend checking out all four and seeing which one you like best.

    These bikes are pretty fun to ride, and if you spend your first couple years learning to ride on them you'll probably learn a good bit more than someone who's started on a 600 and struggles to keep it under control.

    Also, I recommend taking the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) class or its equivalent. It'll be a big help learning to ride, and in most states passing it will get you your license. Money well spent (unless it's free, which it is in some states).

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    I also am a beginner. I recommend highly the MSF course.They teach you ho to ride safely and you will also qualify for a discount for your insurance.

    The 600 700 etc refer to the displacement of the bike and guess you are a woman. Not that that changes anything,the higher the displacement the heavier the bike becomes and you want a bike as a beginner if you drop it you can lift it off yourself. You alsowould have to chose your style cruiser, sports or standard.

    you will best be served with going with a 250 or 500 cc bike for the first few months before going up

    Good luck

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    Definitely start with something smaller than a 600. Modern sporty bikes like you are looking for in that range have too much power - 100 plus horse power! Also, go with a used bike to start with, as you will probably drop it a couple of times while practicing.

    You could get a Kawasaki Ninja 250 to start with. It is a great beginner bike - lighweight, plenty of power, good in the twisties, good on gas. Very sporty looking.


    Another good model to start with is a Suzuki GS500. Also sporty, lightweight, nimble.


    Buell makes the Blast, which is sporty, and based on a Harley drivetrain:


    Good luck - take a motorcycle safety course and it will help you more than you can imagine... there is more to riding than just choosing the bike you like!

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    I started on a old Katana 600. The bike was sluggish enough to not scare me to death, but had the foundation for speed when I needed. Any used bike 250-600. Yamaha Seca used to make the BEST bike. If you see a used one, get it. Also try www. about.com

    They have an entire new rider section with reviews of beginners bikes

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    what kind of riding are you gonna do? honda rebel is perfect around town bike. a yamaha xt 225 is perfect dual sport bike, it goes on road around town but is street legal dirt bike too. can ride the trails or even a motocross track..a suzuki rm 125 is good strickly motocross bike or there is the 883 harley sportster is you like harleys.. the cheapest way to go would be the yamaha xt 225dual sport

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    A ninja 250 or vtr250 are your best bets for a true beginner. You can always resell little 250s if and when you out grow them. Some people especially newbie women who are not only new to the sport, but often short of stature don't need to be pushed into a 600cc bike.

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    the yamaha FZ6 is a great beginner bike. It is very rider friendly and still has enough power to satisfy once you get used to riding. It has a nice sitting stance so it doesnt kill your back and it is a very reliable machine. Also, it is a very sporty looking bike and you can pick up a new one for around $6500.00

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    Go with the Kawasaki EX250R Ninja Baby.

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    Too big for a beginner refers to size of bike...try a 250 ninja.

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    600 CC is what you should start with. Get a BMW Bike...they are smooth and a great bike for beginners/intermediate/advanced riders!

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