Does anyone care about the death of the electric car???

What should we do?

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    Electric cars are not dead - in fact, I drive one. Electric vehicles can have performance as good or better than gas-powered cars, and they cost a lot less to operate (only a penny or two per mile.) Why don't we all know about them? Good question!


    Don't listen to criticisms of EVs based on the technology of 30 years ago. Many seem to assume that batteries never improve, and EVs will never work. Sorry, but technology doesn't stand still. So let's take a look at a modern electric car:



    The Phoenix electric pickup truck - using new, advanced Altairnano batteries (based on research from MIT) - can:

    -Travel up to 250 miles per charge

    -Carry 5 passengers plus cargo at 95mph.

    -Charges batteries in as little as TEN MINUTES.

    -Has batteries that last 250,000 miles (never need replacement.)


    Yes, it is a real car, being built right now for fleet use.


    Also don't listen to the oil-sponsored propaganda about EVs polluting. EVs are many times more efficient than gas cars, and so make much less pollution, even if dirty fuel is burned at powerplants. More info about this at the link below.


    Source(s): I'm an electric car owner. Join me! Here's a place to find cheap EVs:
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    There are several problems with electric cars: 1) battery technology is not at a point to produce long lasting and efficient batteries for a car. 2) because of reason #1, electric cars are slow, their range is short and they are, well, boring. 3) batteries have to be replaced after a while and it's not cheap at all (still because of reason #1)

    BUT the main reason, which a lot of people do not think about is that you do not get energy (electric or any other) out of nothing. Imagine all cars are electric now. Great for Mother Nature! But where do we get electricity to charge millions and millions of cars?

    We'll need to build more power stations. Oops, more power stations? Not good for Mother Nature...

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    This is a ridiculous question! If we are ever going to change our dependence on foreign oil we have to be open to multiple forms of energy. Your question is like saying how happy are you to pay 3.00 a gallon? Can we pay more?]

    We need more people open to electric and clean burning diesel options and the only way that will happen is if the auto manufacturer's will build more alternative and offer them off the lots. Otherwise, we may all be riding the bus.

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    If the electric car is going to die, then it probably means one of two things.

    1) It is not the best solution to the energy problem

    2) It can not make money. It needs to make money so that it can create jobs and perpetuate the industry and maintain funding.

    I know people think money is evil, but it is nothing more than a tool to places human value onto a creation or undertaking.

    If it will take tax dollars to fund the electric car, I will gladly kill it myself.

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    complain n petition...if i was 18...i'd sign

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    who said that?

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