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What's the difference between a novel, a novella, and a regular fiction book?

I write stories all the time, and I want to classify them...

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    A novel is usually a developed story line with the main ingredients of a story timeline (Intro - climax - resolution...). A novella is kind of like a soap opera in Spanish. Very popular in Mexico. (There may be another meaning that I don't know of) Fiction includes both types of writing. It is simply a fabricated story.

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    A fiction book can be a novel, play, collection of short stories, comic book, or any other book that contains made up stories. A novel is a fictional work written in narrative or prose that is of a certain length...usually too long to read in one sitting. A novella is a shorter novel, but too long to be considered a "short story". There is no exact cutoff point to say "Well if this were one word or one page longer it would be a novel instead of a novella". There is some disagreement and it is open to opinion.

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    I believe a Novel is a full-sized book, and can be on any topic.

    A Novella, I think is a short book, larger than short stories, but smaller than a Novel, and can also be on any topic.

    A Fictional book is a categorization of a Novel.

    I think that the above is pretty accurate, yet, I may be wrong about the Novella.

    I write also, mainly poetry, but, I am writing an autobiography about a disease that I have.

    Good Luck with your writing!!!!

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    Any product of the imagination is fiction. Editors generally classify a work that is between 16,000 and 20, 000 words as a novella, or novelette. Greater lengths are catagorized as novels, but publishers expect their authors to deliver at least 67,000 words. Most of the novels that achieve noteworthiness are in the 100,000 word range.

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    a short tale is a narrative which may be examine in one sitting. A novella is a short novel it is generally an upload-directly to a much better novel. a distinctive is a e book. Examples: a short tale could be like, Little pink using Hood. a distinctive could be Eclipse via Stephanie Meyers. A novella could be like the quick 2d existence of Bree Tanner additionally via Stephanie Meyers.

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