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rate my fantasy team?

this is in a 10 team head to head league where the stat categories are R, HR, extra base hits, RBI, BB,K, SB, AVG, OBP, SLG for batters and Earned Runs, Home Runs Allowed, K, CG, W, SV, ERA, WHIP, OBA, and K/9.

C- Paul Lo Duca

1B - Todd Helton

2B - Dan Uggla

3B - Troy Glaus

SS - Derek Jeter

OF - Alfonso Soriano

OF - Grady Sizemore

OF - HidekiMatsui

UTIL - Travis Hafner

BN - Prince Fielder

BN - Chad Tracy

BN - Brad Hawpe

SP - Johan Santana

SP - Felix Hernandez

SP - Scott Kazmir

SP - Cole Hamels

RP - Tom Gordon

RP - Chris Ray

BN - Jose Valverde

BN - Doug Davis

DL - Chien-Ming Wang

how does my team look? what will be my strong categories and weak categories? what is my projected finishing position? any trades that i could possibly make to improve my team?

Thanks a lot


the league is a keeper league and i kept johan and some stupid guy didnt keep soriano.. and because i only kept one player i got a supplemental first round pick 1st overall and therefore wound up with them both

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    okay bro lets take a look at this team and find out your strengths and weakness in each player and how they are goign to perform this year

    c- Paul Lo duca......Lo Duca is getting up there in years, and quality catchers often fall apart rather than slowly fade. Still, Lo Duca's a tough cookie, and he should do OK this year. Just pay less than you did last season: Lo Duca could fall off a cliff at any moment....but he will remain a .300average hitter this year as well hitting in a lineup withbeltran , reyes, wright, and delgado says he will do fine.....he should post up these numbers...10/60/.305 and steal 5 bases lol any of those sb are a plus out of a catcher lol

    1b- Todd Helton......i dont know why people arent drafting him this if the first team on y answers that had him on there team hes not a bad player...The Rockies spent the off-season trying to trade Helton, whose onerous contract belies the gap-hitter he has become. On the year, he barely hit .300, his worst full season ever. And Helton slugged only five HR after the Break. Don't pay much for him; he's not a power guy anymore.....but and thats a big but he will give you 20/90-100/.315+ and score over 100 runs and thats just fine prodcution out of a deep position......

    2b- Dan Uggla....If you look at Uggla's progression from 2005 to 2006, the numbers make a lot of sense for a player adjusting from AA to AAA pitching. Only thing is, Uggla made his jump directly to the majors as a Rule V draftee, and established himself as one of the top second base options in the National League. He could stand to take a few more walks, but otherwise has all the peripheral stats to support a repeat in his numbers should look some what like 25/90/.280 for the year and 10 stolen bases possibly too...but beware of "sophmore slump" that claimed johnny peralta last year....

    3b- Troy Glaus......Glaus' grip-it-and-rip-it approach is perfectly suited to the AL East, where he'll threaten the 40 HR mark again this year. Just know that he'll also punch your batting average in the stomach. Glaus played eight games at shortstop, and may end up there for a few innings again in 2007, giving him hidden value for those leagues with lax eligibility with thomas in the lineup to go along with rios and overbay and wells he will have good protection and even more pitches to hit and prodcuing 40/105/.260 and get ya ss eligibilty as well....

    ss- Derek Jeter....Jeter's career year with RISP means he'll have a hard time duplicating his 2006 RBI numbers. He's still not worth a first-round pick, but is near the top of the second tier of multicategorical stars, and always has marquee trade value....he will still be good for 200 hits, 115 runs, 16homers or so, 80+ rbi's and a batting average of .320 on the year in new go along with his 25-30 stolen bases every year....

    of- alfonso soriano....Sure, the Cubs gave him a contract that will eventually look ludicrous, but not in '07. He was a 40/40 man in RFK, so Wrigley should be kind to him. Soriano's always been a mercurial fellow, so Chicago will try not to make him angry. He's the most complete fantasy player in the world....and im not kidding......he puts up numbers for power/speed/and look for him to give you numbers that look like..45/100/.275 and even steal you 41 now thats a hell of a year....

    of- Grady Sizemore....Sizemore is Vernon Wells, three year ago, but with more upside. He has all the tools to contribute in five categories, and is one of the top run-scorers in the AL thanks to his outstanding on-base skills and Cleveland's potent lineup. Build your outfield around your outfield around him because he is going to give u these numbers: 120 runs scored, 30/90/.300 and steal 25-30 as well...all around great player....considering hes starting off the season with 3 homers allready those numbers could even be better then what is predicted from him.....a stud in every category...

    of- Hideki Matsui.....Matsui was in the process of repeating his 2005 season when he broke his wrist in May. He healed, and picked up right where he left off in September. You know exactly what you're getting with Godzilla: quiet, efficient, consistently good numbers with little chance of either over or underperformance....and those consistent numbers are 25/110/.300 and maybe 5 stolen bases out of him...hes an offensively sound player... most teams he would hit 2 or 3 in the lineup and in new york he hits he will see some pitches to hit as well

    util- travis hafner....Pronk can anchor an offense, but is oft-discounted for his lack of positional eligibility. Feel free to take advantage. He has 50 homer, 150 RBI upside, and no, two consecutive seasons ended by errent pitches do not make him injury-prone....and he is hitting in an extremely young extremely underrated lineup out in cleveland so expect him to really produce this year and he could be mvp as he should get you about 45-50/140/.315 on the year.......

    bn- Prince Fielder....The only danger is that Fielder doesn't keep himself in shape and does what Daddy did: Eat his way out of the game. Prince was gassed at season's end, batting .230 in August and September, so his stamina is an issue. Otherwise, he has a shot at 500-600 career homers and 30-35 homers this year to go along with 105 rbis' and a average of .290 as well....

    bn- Chad Tracy.....Chad Tracy is highly overlooked....2005 is looking like a premature peak. He should repeat 2006 this year, but be careful of that climbing strikeout total.....3b is deep this year so you didnt need to draft right away....should be good for about 20/80/.270 on the year out in arizone where that team may shock you....

    bn- Brad Hawpe....Hawpe's stance and leg lift keep him from seeing and hitting lefties (.237 average in '2005-06) so his playing time suffers. If he adjusts his stance, look for 550-plus at-bats. He has a good bat for Coors Field, is at his peak physically and can help in just about any league format....that being said he will give you 20/75/.315 for the year in colorado....

    as for your rotation

    sp- Johan" does it get any better than this?" Santana lol........The only pitcher worth drafting in the first round of any and every draft, period. The scary thing is, Santana still has time to get better. Over the last three years, his April ERA has been by far his worst, so do what it takes to get him and know he'll be brilliant by Memorial Day.....look for him to give you a 19-6 record on the year to go along with his 250 strikeouts and an era of 2.80 for the year...yea their gaudy numbers but they are true...

    sp- Felix "the king" Hernandez........He has Kevin Brown power stuff, but his mechanics make him an injury risk. This is a dangerous thing in keeper leagues, but in non-keeper situations, you should target him. He had a learning/setback year in '06, and he should come out fine. In other words, he could go off on the AL, and have one of the 10-best seasons by a starter in '07....he has tremendous stuff and lost 20 pounds during the offseason should give you good numbers...look for him to go 17-10 with an era around 3.45 and 190k...coudl quite possibly strike out over 200 if he can pitch to potential.....

    sp- Scott Kazmir(excellent pick, mainly overlooked due to the tb next to his name).....Kazmir is healthy this spring after missing six weeks because of pitching-shoulder soreness in '06. Last season, his innings and home-run rates worsened, but everything else, especially command, spiked dramatically up. Kazmir has power stuff and finesse, and is a potentail roto ace.....expect him to go about 14-11 with 200+ strikeouts on the year and an era under 4...hes that good..........

    sp- Cole Hamels had a hell of a first game.....One of three NL starters to amass over 100 K's in the second half of '06. Hamels did it in under 90 innings. Starting the year as a No. 4 or 5 starter, he should blow away teams and be an ace by July. Going as an SP2 in NL, SP3 in mixed. Not a reach to take him a tad earlier. Remember his injury issues, however....his numbers should look similar to 14-12 with era around 4 and around 210 strikeouts....

    rp- tom gordon........... Proved he can still close. Also proved he's still injury prone. Still, as steady as a closer can be in that role. Phillies should contend, so expect lots of saves and better-than-average K's for expect him to rack up 35 saves by the end of this year.....

    rp- Chris Ray.....Great fastball, with a splitter and slider, Ray's command must improve, and he must show more deception and power vs. lefties (seven homers in 119 at-bats the last two years). Besides that, all the ingredients for a great closer are on hand, so hes a quality pick for closer...should get ya 2-1 record with era hanging around 2 and 36 saves to go along with 70 strikeouts.....

    bn- Jose Valverde.......valverde will really go out there and shock some people i beleive he can really throw heat and is playing for a wild card contender out in zona...he could reach 35 saves but 30 is more realistic with era around 2......

    bn- Doug Davis......Ratios should be better, but end result should be the same: .500 W-L with 160+ K. Hope for 12 or 13 wins. SP2 in NL-only, SP3+ in mixed because of the thats what his numbers will look like.....

    DL- Chien Ming Wang......Wang's low strikeout totals and good-but-not-excellent ratios keep him from being more than an SP3-SP4 in AL-only leagues, but the Cy Young award bridesmaid status will have him going much earlier in drafts than he should. Pass. He's the quintessential better-in-real-life-than-in-fantasy-baseball... stay away considering under 100k on the year.....

    so overall your team is very solid you have alot of sb, homers, and people who hit for average.....players who will really help your run category are jeter, soriano, sizemore, matsui, hafner, uggla, fielder, and helton so you dont have a glaring weaknes there, for homers you have uggla, glaus, soriano, sizemore, matsui, hafner, fielder, tracy, and hawpe so you have more than plenty, for extra base hits you can put helton, jeter, matsui, sizemore, soriano, and hawpe in that category which is sufficient, for rbi just about your entire lineup gives you solid rbi numbers out of their respective positions, for walks hafner, helton, matsui, and possibly sizemore will grab you those, for k you have glaus, jeter, soriano, hafner, and fielder, for sb you have alot of speed in jeter, soriano, and sizemore alone but you could use one more speed player maybe a sleeper i will provide later on, for avg the ones who will help are helton, lo duca, jeter, sizemore, matsui, and hafner, and possibly hawpe, but the glaus and ugglas and sorianos wont exactly help there, for obp almost all of them will help there, and for slugging your main power hitters should suffice for here.......heres a list of sleepers if you want to improve your lineup.....

    c- iannetta who could have breakout year

    1b- lyle overbay who hits for average some power and some rbis as well....if hes gone look for phelps who could do good with the yanks hitting 4 homers in spring training

    2b- ty wigginton who can hit the deep ball and is eligible at multiple positions

    3b- iwamura has been promising to start as well who will hit for average

    ss- troy tulowitzki will as well have a breakout year at ss in colorado

    of- elijah dukes who has shown promisinig power to start the year....

    of- chris duncan will hit around 30 homers this year

    of- jonny gomes will hit alot of hw as well if healthy

    of- brad hawpe is good for around 20 homers in colorado

    util- nick markakis is going to have a stellar year for baltimore this kid is here to stay

    and as for your rotation its very solid you have 4 aces on your staff andall are capable of 200k and 16 wins at least if they pitch to their potential now for earned runs the pitchers that have better defense are hamels, davis, and johan, hernandez defense is solid too, and for hr allowed beware of davis, kazmir, and possibly ray, for k youll win this one easily with johan, felix, kaz, and hamels all capable of 200 in a season if healthy, for complete games i think johan will really help considering he has great stamina and so does hernandez coming in 20 pounds lighter, for wins you have your top 4 starters easily with 14+, saves idk it all depends on how gordon does and if he can stay healthy, era well johan will be low as will wang, and all 3 closers as well, for whip beware of davis and kaz can lose control at times, and for k per 9 your all set because of your starters that you have....if you do want to improve your rotation heres a list of sleepers worht looking at....

    Sp- Jason jennings is going to have a very solid year in houston proving that on his first outing

    sp- chuck james who has kept his era this spring around 1 in 5 starts will be stellar in atlanta this year

    sp- clay hensley who has a good k rate should do fine in sd if healthy

    rp- dan wheeler could close out the year in houston if lidge cant go....

    rp- torres could shock alot of people has kept ball down this yera and could save around 30 games

    p- wainwright who also has kept era around 1 this spring.......

    p- jeremy sowers who proved he could pitch in cleveland last year shall repeat again thsiy ear

    p- westbrook is consistent as they come

    other than that your team is very good and you dont need any major changes, i see this team possibly winning it all

    hope i helped


    and have fun!

    Source(s): espn for some....
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    Overall I would have to say you have a great team. Your stats should be well balanced. Your team should be in the top 3 for stolen bases. I would also expect you to be in the top 3 for HRs Runs and RBI. This is one of the better teams I have seen posted on here. I honestly think your team has a great shot at winning your league.

    Your pitching is good as well. Your pitchers are going to get a ton of Ks and wins. Your teams K/9 will probably be tops in your league. I can say that without viewing the other teams in your league.

    As long as your team stays healthy expect a good season.

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    How the hell did you get Johan Santana and Alfonso Soriano together? They're both first round draft picks.

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    Looks good but get Rid of Davis, you can prob. find a better pitcher out there get someone who is hot from time to time. I mean Davis will get you K's but you already have Hamels and Santana for that, plus they will get you wins. Should take one more closer see if Saito is still on the market.

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  • Great team 9.5/10

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    Looking good, you have great pitching.

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    you have no will lose

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