Good novel study book....?

hi i'm in grade 6 and i need a good novel study book for my 3rd (last) term. It needs to be interested, please nothing about hockey, first person, or sports, something interesting adventerous... something with meaning. Please let it be less than three hundred pages because i can't have my novel study too long. PLease help, i'm desperate


thanks, these are really good answers, you guys

Update 2:

um... could you give the author because i just looked into my local library and there are several "Out of the dust" thanks

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    "The Count of Monte Cristo" would be GREAT!!! It's always been my favorite book. It's a story of young innocent love,passion, compassion, patience, devastation retribution and revenge. It may be too long for you, but you may find a condensed version.

    If that is possibly too mature or above your level of interest, try the "Chronicals of Narnia" Your choice as there are a few, beginning with "the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe". Also I read a book in 6th grade that was interesting called "What the Witch Left." Its a book about a girl that finds some magical things left behind, one of which I believe is a box that when you open it, finds things that were lost, and maybe a key that opens everything?/, not certain as its been awhile. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!

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    There is a novel that I read in my third term. And i am also in 6th grade and our teacher assigned this book so u know its good. the novel is called " Out of the Dust" is has a great adventure in it

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    Try Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.

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    "Five Smooth Stones" is good

    "Siddartha" by Herman Hesse

    "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach

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    Try Lewis carol's Nancy Drew.

    It is full of adventures and with meanings.

    there are different series and my fave is The Swami's Ring.

    Hope this helps U! Very very interesting!!!!

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