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02 330ci conv-parcelshelf wont lift so roof can b lowered stps halfway wen button is pressed?

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    THE convertible top lowering mechanism is a complex device. It used to be that if any of the arms got bent or somehow ill-positioned, you could expect lots of problems. Suggestion: try lowering the roof-top by hand to see if you can locate any binding, frozen, or bent arms. Maybe even try a tiny bit of WD-40 on the moving joints. Be very careful if you decide to straighten any bent arms. The operating length is critically matched so that both sides are identical. You did not say if you can hear the motor "straining" during top lowering. I don't think the parcel shelf is electricly powered. I don't think any of the parcel shelves have locking mechanisms. Double check to see what is sticking.

    Source(s): Licensed CA Smog Inspector.
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