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Does anyone realize that Tayor Hicks isn't as popular as the other top twelve contestants?

Chris Daughtry has It's not over, Katherine McPhee has Over It, and Elliot Yamin has Wait For You. What does Taylor Hicks have? Nothing as popular as those three songs. Nothing. He has a good personality but he shouldn't have won in my opinion.

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    I don't know where you people LIVE . . . Outer Mongolia, maybe?

    I mean, have you ever Googled Taylor Hicks?

    You get almost TWO MILLION responses...for pete's sake.

    The guy's all over the internet...

    And all over the USA playing to sold out concerts in his current tour.

    His album sold like, uh, can you say Gold?

    Even though he was pushed to get it out in record time by A.I.

    No, he doesn't have the hard-rock appeal of Daughtry, with whom Taylor remains friends because he's not a bitter little weenie like Timberflake.

    But don't kid yourselves...

    Taylor Hicks will be wowing 'em in Vegas & Los Angeles and New York City after Chris has gone home to his sweet wife Deanna & their nice kids in white-bread America.

    And McPhee will still be singing somewhere over the rainbow . . .

    For openers, check here:

    The best part?

    Hicks is the real deal: a nice guy without a big head who has a meet & greet before every appearance/concert where he spends almost an hour talking & taking pictures with folks going thru hard times:

    like the kid who's dad was murdered that I met in Greensburg, PA

    a mom who's son has brain cancer in Miami, FL


    Kath's brother, Dave Matthews

    Source(s): SEARCH engines: Google,, Jay Leno ? times-- who calls Hicks, "My oldest son; my love child." Every talk show on television. Every morning show on television. Mardi Gras, New Orleans, King Krewe of Endymion People Magazine--- three times. Cover story as Hottest Bachelor of 2006 VIBE Magazine, who said, "Taylor Hicks is the essence of fifty years of American music." Reviews-reviews-reviews in newspapers everywhere he performs. The NASCAR Races; Ford Motor Company His Charities: Studio By the Tracks and Kid One Birmingham
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    Are you serious? I just returned from a Taylor concert and the place had been sold out since Christmas! We stood for hours, SRO and the man rocked for 90 minutes leaving the crowd screaming for more.

    Taylor has talent, pure raw talent, something different than the regular radio station "music". Can't say I don't like Chris and Elliott, but Taylor has much more and he'll be around for a very long time!

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    1 decade ago

    Taylor's single was JUST released to the radio - almost a year after he won! Chris Daughtry's has been out for months. Taylor received unfair treatment. He was the winner. He had the most votes. His should have been released first.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I never thought Taylor Hicks was ever good at all. There were so many people that were way more talented than him and I don't believe he should have won either. Chris Daughtry should have won that competition and he didn't make it to the bottom two. I thought that show was rigged.

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    There was so much talent in Season 5-it was a fun group to

    watch and I wish every one of them the best of luck. I don't

    understand why people are still beating this dead horse over

    it all. I saw Taylor in concert twice last week and it was amazing! He put on a great show to two sold out venues and

    rocked the house. He's also helped numerous charities as

    he tours and his fans are doing the same. I think he's more

    popular than you realize.

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    It is an obvious fact that Chris outshined and has out performed Taylor Hicks. Not to say, that Taylor didnt have "entertaining" capabilities. He was just not recording producing material. I think sometimes you hit it right on like we would see with Kelly and Carrie, sometimes we miss it by a couple people and then sometimes you dont have to win the show to sell records, as we see with Chris.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have not heard Elliot's cd yet. but i have heard Chris, Katherine and Taylors.

    And although many will not agree with me, i love Taylor's cd!

    yes he doesn't have what the others have, but he is good.

    I guess it all comes down to personal choice.

    Chris and Katherine have what it takes, Taylor may not quite have it, but he is good!

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  • In my opinion he won for the entertainment not so much for his actual voice. Kind of like why Sanjaya is still a part of the show. Has nothing to do with the quality of his voise, but the entertainment part. People love watching and making fun of him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah, i've noticed that too. i wasn't a huge Taylor fan. And, I don't understand why its taken so long for him to get a record out. He should have put one out a couple months after Idol to capitalize on his fame.

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  • 3 years ago

    i admire Sanjaya Malakar - what a voice! on the gals area, i admire Melinda, possibly Gina too. Baylie had an outstanding voice for u . s . a . track and an exquisite seem, yet she looked too immature for the instruct. Sheesh, how long does it take to check the words to "Be My infant"?

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