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How many brothers have played on the same professional baseball team?

This year brothers Brian and Marcus Giles are both on the active roster of the San Diego Padres. It got me wondering how many other brothers have played on the same pro baseball team.

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    Atlanta Braves (1876 - 2004) 16

    ATL Hank and Tommie Aaron ATL J.D. and Tim Drew

    ATL Mickey and Rick Mahler ATL Phil and Joe Niekro

    BSN Jesse and Virgil Barnes BSN Dad and John Clarkson

    BSN Jimmy and Johnny Cooney BSN Mort and Walker Cooper

    BSN Mert and Walter Hackett BSN Jim and John O'Rourke

    BSN Joe and Red Shannon BSN Fred and Lefty Tyler

    BSN Lloyd and Paul Waner BSN Deacon and Will White

    BSN Harry and Sam Wright ML1 Frank and Joe Torre

    Baltimore Orioles (1901 - 2004) 5

    BAL Dick and Larry Brown SLA Dick and Slick Coffman

    SLA Dizzy and Paul Dean SLA Ray and Red Hayworth

    SLA Fritz and George Maisel

    Baltimore Orioles (1882 - 1899) 2

    BL2 Bill and Dick Conway BL2 Matt and Mike Kilroy

    Boston Red Sox (1901-2004) 10

    BOS Marty and Tom Barrett BOS Cleo and Roy Carlyle

    BOS Billy and Tony Conigliaro BOS Rick and Wes Ferrell

    BOS Alex and Milt Gaston BOS Joe and Johnnie Heving

    BOS Ed and Tom Hughes BOS Bob and Roy Johnson

    BOS Pedro and Ramon Martinez BOS Bob and Ed Sadowski

    Boston Reds (1890 - 1891) 1

    BS2 Arthur and John Irwin

    Buffalo Bisons (1879 - 1885) 1

    BFN Fred and Pete Wood

    Chicago Cubs (1876 - 2004) 9

    CHN Danny and Hal Breeden CHN Kid and Lew Camp

    CHN Mort and Walker Cooper CHN Larry and Mike Corcoran

    CHN Sammy and Solly Drake CHN Jiggs and Tom Parrott

    CHN Paul and Rick Reuschel CHN Ed and Hank Sauer

    CHN Jim and Wayne Tyrone

    Chicago White Sox (1901 - 2004) 7

    CHA Dick and Hank Allen CHA Homer and Ted Blankenship

    CHA Jeff and Danny Darwin CHA Chris and Nyls Nyman

    CHA Dennis and Jim O'Toole CHA Braggo and Frank Roth

    CHA Bob and Ed Weiland

    Cincinnati Reds (1882 - 2004) 6

    CIN Ed and Jim Bailey CIN Aaron and Bret Boone

    CIN Brownie and Frank Foreman CIN Elmer and Johnny Riddle

    CIN Dave and Dick Sisler CIN Gee and Hub Walker

    Cincinnati Reds (1867-1880) 1

    CN1 Deacon and Will White

    Cleveland Indians (1901 - 2004) 7

    CLE Dick and Larry Brown CLE Dave and Vean Gregg

    CLE Bill and Harry Hinchman CLE Chan and Herb Perry

    CLE Gaylord and Jim Perry CLE Luke and Joe Sewell

    CLE George and Jesse Stovall

    Cleveland Spiders (1887 - 1899) 1

    CL4 Patsy and George Tebeau

    Detroit Tigers (1901 - 2004) 3

    DET Frank and Milt Bolling DET Eddie and Jack Onslow

    DET Gee and Hub Walker

    Detroit Wolverines (1881 - 1888) 2

    DTN Jerry and Mike Dorgan DTN Deacon and Will White

    Hartford Dark Blues (1874 - 1875) 1

    HR1 Art and Doug Allison

    Houston Astros (1962 - 2004) 1

    HOU Bob and Ken Forsch

    Kansas City Royals (1969 - 2004) 1

    KCA George and Ken Brett

    Kansas City Cowboys (1884) 2

    KCU Barney and Frank McLaughlin KCU Jimmie and Lou Say

    LA Angels of Anaheim (1961 - 2004) 2

    CAL Stan and Stew Cliburn ANA Benjie and Jose Molina

    Los Angeles Dodgers (1884 - 2004) 6

    LAN Pedro and Ramon Martinez LAN Dave and Steve Sax

    LAN Larry and Norm Sherry BRO Chris and Johnny VanCuyk

    BRO Lloyd and Paul Waner BRO Mack and Zack Wheat

    Louisville Colonels (1882 - 1899) 6

    LS2 Amos and Lave Cross LS2 Bill and Jack Gleason

    LS2 Harry and Leech Maskrey LS2 John and Phil Reccius

    LS3 Fred and Josh Clarke LS3 Alex and Dan McFarlan

    Milwaukee Brewers (1969 - 2004) 1

    ML4 Steve and Mark Kiefer

    Minnesota Twins (1901 - 2004) 9

    WS1 Jose and Merito Acosta WS1 Ed and Jim Delahanty

    WS1 Rick and Wes Ferrell WS1 Ed and Joe Hovlik

    WS1 Bing and Ralph Miller WS1 Clyde and Horace Milan

    WS1 Baby and Roberto Ortiz WS1 Camilo and Carlos Pascual

    MIN Graig and Jim Nettles

    Washington Nationals (1969 - 2004) 4

    MON Kirk and Jim Bullinger MON Vladimir and Wilton Guerrero

    MON Mickey and Rick Mahler MON Pascual and Carlos Perez

    New York Mets (1962 - 2004) 1

    NYN Mike and Tom Glavine

    New York Metropolitans (1883 - 1887) 1

    NYP Buck and John Ewing

    New York Mutuals (1876) 1

    NY3 Fred and Pete Treacey

    New York Yankees (1903 - 2005) 7

    NYA Felipe and Matty Alou NYA Marcus and Matt Lawton

    NYA Al and Mark Leiter NYA Phil and Joe Niekro

    NYA Pascual and Melido Perez NYA Billy and Bobby Shantz

    NYA Carl and Homer Thompson

    Oakland Athletics (1901 - 2004) 13

    KC1 Clete and Cloyd Boyer KC1 Billy and Bobby Shantz

    OAK Felipe and Jesus Alou OAK Felipe and Matty Alou

    OAK Matty and Jesus Alou OAK Tony Sr. and Marcos Armas

    OAK Chris and Sal Bando OAK Jose and Ozzie Canseco

    OAK Jason and Jeremy Giambi OAK Marcel and Rene Lachemann

    PHA George and Skeeter Kell PHA Alex and Walt Kellner

    PHA Billy and Bobby Shantz

    Philadelphia Athletics (1882 - 1890) 4

    PH4 Bill and Jack Gleason PH4 John and Mike Mansell

    PH4 Jimmie and Lou Say PH4 Orator and Taylor Shafer

    Philadelphia Phillies (1883 - 2004) 7

    PHI Dave and Dennis Bennett PHI Dino and Lou Chiozza

    PHI Ed and Tom Delahanty PHI Garvin and Granny Hamner

    PHI Fritz and George Knothe PHI Bill and Roy Thomas

    PHI Jim and Wally Westlake

    Pittsburgh Pirates (1882 - 2004) 10

    PIT Carson and Lyle Bigbee PIT Harry and Howie Camnitz

    PIT Gene and George Freese PIT Harry and John Gilbert

    PIT Ad and Billy Gumbert PIT Josias and Ravelo Manzanillo

    PIT Johnny and Phil Morrison PIT Eddie and Johnny O'Brien

    PIT Elmer and Johnny Riddle PIT Lloyd and Paul Waner

    Elizabeth Resolutes (1873) 1

    ELI Art and Doug Allison

    Richmond Virginians (1884) 1

    RIC Bill and Ed Dugan

    San Diego Padres (1969 - 2004) 4

    SDN Roberto and Sandy Jr. Alomar SDN Jerald and Phil Clark

    SDN Chris and Tony Gwynn SDN Melvin and Wilbert Nieves

    Seattle Mariners (1977 - 2004) 1

    SEA Brad and Brian Holman

    San Francisco Giants (1883 - 2004) 9

    NY1 Jesse and Virgil Barnes NY1 Mort and Walker Cooper

    NY1 Al and Tony Cuccinello NY1 Buck and John Ewing

    NY1 Al and Danny Gardella NY1 Christy and Henry Mathewson

    SFN Felipe and Jesus Alou SFN Felipe and Matty Alou

    SFN Matty and Jesus Alou

    St. Louis Cardinals (1882 - 2004) 16

    SL4 Harry and Shorty Fuller SL4 Bill and Jack Gleason

    SLN Alan and Andy Benes SLN Ken and Cloyd Boyer

    SLN Mike and Scott Coolbaugh SLN Mort and Walker Cooper

    SLN Joe and Roger Connor SLN Hector and Jose Cruz

    SLN Hector and Tommy Cruz SLN Jose and Tommy Cruz

    SLN Dizzy and Paul Dean SLN Grover and Lou Lowdermilk

    SLN Lindy and Von McDaniel SLN Heinie and Joe Peitz

    SLN Dick and Dave Ricketts SLN Ed and Hank Sauer

    Syracuse Stars (1879) 1

    SR1 Mike and Tom Mansell

    Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998 - 2006) 1

    TBD Julio and Ruddy Lugo

    Toledo Blue Stockings (1884) 1

    TL1 Fleet and Welday Walker

    Toronto Blue Jays (1977 - 2004) 2

    TOR Rich and Rob Butler TOR Ken and Mike Macha

    Wilmington Quicksteps (1884) 1

    WIL Dan and Dennis Casey

    Washington Nationals (1886 - 1889) 1

    WS8 Arthur and John Irwin

    Worcester Ruby Legs (1880 - 1882) 2

    WOR Jerry and Mike Dorgan WOR Arthur and John Irwin

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    3 pairs of brothers come to mind.

    Brian and Marcus Giles (San Diego Padres)

    Cal and Bill Ripken (Baltimore Orioles)

    Lloyd and Paul Waner (Big Poison and Little Poison), (Pittsbugh Pirates - 1930s 1940s?)

    Im sure there may be a few more though.

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    Felipe, Matty, and Jesus Alou were an all brother outfield for the San Francisco Giants in the 60's......

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    Wasn't Jason and Jeremy Giambi on the A's roster at one point? Not sure.

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