How to create E-R diagram,which documents the entities and relationships involved in Assets Management system?

create a relational schema to hold the necessary information.identify the tables,perform normalisation to the tables and fully implement the code with necessary validations using MS-Acess/DBASE or any other similar package. provide necessary documentation and coding for the project.

(assumptions can be made wherever necessary)

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    There are several good E-R modeling tools already on the market that will help to automate the definition of business systems. Also, I believe you can purchase standard models that can be loaded into the tool. The issue will be if your company is willing to invest in costly Case Tools/products up-front without seeing a payback in the near term.

    Information engineering (IE) methodology and

    I-CASE (integrated CASE) tools supporting IE can provide an integrated view across major

    stages of enterprise-wide information-system development: information strategy planning,

    business area analysis, system design, and construction. When I left the industry, I used IEW (Information Engineering Workbench) which I think is now called ADW (Application Development Workbench). There was also IEF (Information Engineering Facility).

    Good Luck on your adventure!!!

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    This Sounds Like a Visio Based issue, or at the least Org Chart 6 or above

    Chart the Connections and Live link the data; Thats the way I would proceed

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