How can I prevent Windows Blue Screen of Death, or better can I get rid of it?

Back in Mid-March, my computer got the Windows Blue Screen of Death. Since then, no matter what idea I come up with, it still appears. Yesterday, I got my computer back from the repair shop, and I still have hit with Window's Blue Screen. It's so annoying. What can I do to avoid it, or destroy it, or something of that available. I think it's affecting my motherboard because the repair replace my Hard Drive with a new one and the Memory Card wasn't the problem. What should do?

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    Registry cleaning is a must but if you can do than

    Do the following thing on your pc regularly.

    First of all

    To increase your virtual memory or page file size open control panel double click system folders on opening page click advanced than chek before Adjust for best performance & click apply(it will take a while). Than click advanced in coming window you will find virtual memory click setting. Select drive on which you want your virtual memory to be. then click custom and change the Page file size or virtual memory size by typing.

    Initial size should be 1024 MB at least & max size should be not less than 2048 MB.

    1. Search for temp files( In search box type *.tmp) click search. Delete all files that appears after search.

    2. Than as above type *.log & do the same.

    3. Search Temp folder Delete all it's content.

    4. Search Temprory Internet Files & delete it's content.

    5. Run updated Antivirus & Anti spyware.

    6. Run disk cleanup from system tools in accessories.

    7. Than defragment your drives twice from system tools Defrag.

    8. From run type msconfig > enter > click on startup un check all checked field except of antivirus & anti spyware. Choose & click services, Check beside hide all MS Services. In remaining list uncheck all except Anti virus & Anti spyware services click apply click ok you will asked to restart click restart. You are almost done.

    This will make your system considerably faster but one very essential action has to be taken and that is cleaning Registry which is the main reason of sluggis system. Dowload

    WIN XP Manager or tuneup utilities install & clean. Try with win xp manager,s 1 click cleaner. You can download it from It requires dotnet fx so you will have to download it also. First you will have to install dotnet fx. It is free & you can get it from site of microsoft. Your PC will become as fast as it was when new or a bit better.

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    You can not remove it. It is showing that there is a problem with the machine. The shop probably changed the drive because they could find no other problem, and the drive is quite often the fault. It may be used by some programme you are running, try to identify what you are using every time it appears, don't use the programme for a while. If this fixes it uninstall the offending programme. It could equally be a motherboard problem, or I have known this happen when the CPU is not properly thermally coupled to the fan or the fan slows down.

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    The old blue screen of death, the biggest percentage of the time is RAM vs Virtual memory, ur computer is telling that there is something wrong, instead of killing ur system ur computer fainted, that BS of D, virtual memory in windows is page filing, which sometimes is 1.5 gig's up 2 2 gig's, U can change ur page filing from C t D & select no page filing on C, But when was the last time u did any maintenance on ur PC, Like a check disk for error's, a disk clean-up & a defrag, also which bit does ur mobo take, 32 r 64, finely run ur games on a clean boot, u get all that ram the doesn't need to use.:)

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    I would ask for my money back from the PC Repair Shop.

    See if you can Snap a Pic of the BsoD and see what some forums say; There needs to be some competent diagnosis, and this sort of things needs some hands on Diags, or some informed statements about your BsoD

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    Often problems start when the power supply develops problems. The spikes and valleys in the computer's power damages the various components and people start replacing the damaged components as they also develop problems. As rule, when I start developing problems, I replace the power supply to make sure that the problem is not caused by the power supply, and that other components are not damaged. If your various components are being damaged and your motherboard is now being effected, then very very likely the real problem is in your power supply.

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    What error does the blue screen give you and what type of computer do you have? If you keep getting physical memory dump errors, then try reformatting and reinstalling the os.

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    boot from windows cd and run a repair install

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    get ubuntu at and get it over with widows and its main feature, blue screen of death.... btw its currently free to get cds

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    Want to get rid of it forever? Get a Mac.

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