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LAM asked in 旅遊澳洲其他 - 澳洲 · 1 decade ago

澳洲自由行 Schedule (20PTs)

Pls Comment (趕唔趕 / 價錢比跟團貴太多...etc)

8 days 7 nights

CX Package Cairns 入 Gold coast 走 (同qf 應該價錢差唔多但去 cairns 唔駛轉機)

5 days in cairns

Day 1 跳傘+雨林遊蹤

Day2 親親動物及森林

道格拉斯港雨林野生動物自然保護區、黛恩樹雨林/ 考驗角及世界文化遺產雨林。

Day 3 奇趣歷險


Day 4 大堡礁

Day 5 Cairns to Gold Coast

2 Days in Gold Coast

Day 6 - Day 7 遊遍各主題娛樂公園


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  • 1 decade ago
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    It seems to be ok, but I find from Day 1- Day 3 are quite similiar, perhaps you can group it together and spare one more day out, so that you can go to Brisbane when you are in Gold Coast, or you can spend more time in Surfer Paradise. They have very nice beach there.

  • 1 decade ago

    Day 1&2 雨林及森林遊, 內容好像有點相似.


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