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請不要直接拿翻譯軟體所翻的句子給我! 謝謝!!

(1)On the other hand, information abundance weakens the gate-keeping function of the traditional mass media. Mass media institutions are less able to exert editorial and strategic control over the stories to which the public attends in the new information environment.

(2)The result is a multiplication in the number of gates, and the consequent collapse of control over gate keeping. By similar mechanisms, other chief political functions of media - agenda setting and priming - may also erode.

The endpoint of this transition is hardly a utopia of alternative media. The traditional dynamics of the mass audience and political attention will remain in place, but the extent to which a few businesses can dominate political communication is clearly changing.

(3)The need for collective action organizations to orient themselves to the structures and processes of largely unchanging institutions of the state creates limits on the advantages of postbureaucratic forms.

(4)The kinds of interpersonal actions and relationships that connect public officials to lobbyists, industry leaders, academics, and others are not driven by information costs, and their importance is hardly diminished by technological advances that produce information abundance.While some forms of interpersonal interaction may be facilitated by such abundance, a vast array of political relationships based on familiarity and trust lie at the center of politics.

(5)These kinds of constituent communications signal to government officials the salience of an issue and also the likelihood that constituents' electoral behavior in the future might be conditioned upon an official's response to the current issue.

(6)Members of Congress tend to discount constituent communications that appear to be centrally orchestrated through databases and mailing lists or subsidized by organizations through preprinted postcards or letters.

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    (1)另一方面,資料豐富削弱傳統大眾傳播媒體的保管門功能。 大眾傳播媒體機構比較無法發揮編輯的而且對哪民眾在新的資料環境參加對故事的策略性的控制。

    (2)結果是門的數字 , 和對必然崩潰的控制的門保管的乘法。 藉著相似機制,媒體-議程背景和裝雷管的其他主要政治功能-也可能侵蝕。

    這一個轉變的端點幾乎不是一個替代媒體的烏托邦。 大眾聽眾的傳統動力學和政治注意將適當地保持,但是範圍一些生意能支配政治溝通正在清楚地改變。





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