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what is the method of doing oil painting?

what are the possible guidelines keep in mind while doing oil painting for the first time? I know how to do with water colors, but is completely ignorant about how to handle with oil paints. please provide a detailed instruction..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is traditional oil painting and then there is wet-on-wet...

    Wet on Wet was invented by William Alexander… This uses a thicker paint straight from the tube and is applied to a canvas that has been brushed over or wet primed with what is called “Magic White.” There is also magic black and magic clear. If you are a beginner I suggest you try this out….

    As for Traditional painting it uses refined linseed oil, (there are other oils but not that great). Also you can go to the OLD way of painting and do 7 layers etc… Damar crystals etc…

    There is a tutorial about Traditional painting above….

    Personally I sometimes combine the 2….

    With oils remember to have fun with it in the beginning. Your first paintings should will get you accustom to how the paint flows and the mixing of the paint etc….

    Remember a “thick paint” (one mixed with linseed oils or other medium oils) will stick better to a “thin paint” (one straight from a tube)…..

    If your highlights don’t want to stick even if you thin them with thinner then wait a day or so to let the layer beneath it to stiffen a little…

    Source(s): 20 Years Professional Artist
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The best way to learn oil painting techniques is to train in an Atelier Art School such as the New School of Classical Art in Rhode Island. You will start with basic drawing skills and then progress to oil painting. The school was founded by Dana Levin a master Classical Realism painter trained at the Florence Academy of Art.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oil painting is the opposite of water colors.

    Water colors are from light to dark as you apply the paint and it dries faster.

    Oil painting is from dark to light as you apply the paint and it takes longer to dry.

    Start with that knowledge as you begin to experiment with it. You should catch on pretty quickly if you are not afraid to make mistakes.

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