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I missed the WNBA Draft yesterday?

Which lucky team made was able to grab Joakim Noah? She is going to be a beast next year and should be the best player in the league for years to come...Remember you heard it here first!

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    lol joakim noah is a guy and the NBA draft isn't for a little while, but he does look like a women i do have to admit :)....harding from duke went #1 and was traded to minnesota

    haha funy story too... one time i switched the channel over to espn and i started watching what i thought was the florida womens team and i watched for like at least a full minute until i realized wow these girls are men? lol no lie

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    Joakim Noah is not a girl. First of all his name doesnt sound like a girl name and besides for his hair which isnt even very girlish no other feature looks like a girls. If you would like to see the picks from the WNBA draft go to

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    the challenge with the league is many of the right collegiate gamers will now carry out till now fewer followers. Parker to la is a PR dream for the league, however the WNBA is rather like the MLS; till there's a team interior the section, there fairly is little reason to maintain on with the league. living in northeast Ohio, I even have had minimum activity in following the league as quickly as the Cleveland Rockers ceased operations.

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    i think everybody missed the WNBA draft the teams didnt have time to even think about their choices

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    he might be a girl,,,,,, hahahaha

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    hahahahaha no

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