Why does youtube delete anime music videos and episodes??

I dont understand...

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    Due to copyrighting laws. Also think of it this way companies such as Funimation and Geneon need to sell copies of their anime DVDs somehow they want to obviously cash in on their shows. (Of course there may be other sites out there for free download but Youtube is such a well known site that it would mean a huge money lose for the anime companies to have their shows on there. - Think. If all anime shows were on youtube how would the anime companies make money?

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    If the shows or images are copyrighted and someone (most likely the company owning the copyrights) complains, then youtube is legally responsible for taking the material off the website once they have been informed it's on the website;otherwise, they are breaking copyright laws.

  • They delete them because the people who upload them are breacing copyright law and are uploading them without permission. The companies like FUNimation have to pay to get the rights to use these shows so why should someone be able to show for free something they paid for.

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    B/C of copyrights, except the anime Death Note I think.

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    my awnser was simpler than his! =P

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