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Amanda P asked in PetsCats · 1 decade ago

FDA recall number?

What is the exact number to call the FDA about pet food recall?

As some of you may know, my cat passed away this morning.

I just found out that the food I have been giving him, is listed on the recall list.

What infomation will I need when I call?

And what exactly can the FDA do about this?

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    If you can link the death to the food, there is reimbursement for veterinary bills. In the menufoods FAQ:

    "3. Who is going to pay my vet bills for sickness and death?

    If Menu Foods product is the cause of sickness or death, Menu Foods will take responsibility. Menu has engaged a professional firm to manage your concerns and is currently contacting concerned pet owners who have reached our call center. Specific direction will be received from these individuals. Please keep copies of all your vet records and receipts for pet food purchases as well as vet bills."

    Also good to know:

    "12. Is there a time that it is easiest to get through to the 1-866 number?

    The best time to get through to a representative is between 4pm and 11pm EST when the call volume is at its lowest point in the day."

    Phone # 1-866-895-2708

    here is where to contact the FDA in each state:

    Source(s): This is important to read!!
  • Avie
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    1 decade ago

    Sadly, there's nothing the FDA can do about it. Call the company and if you still have the packaging the food was in, they'll reimburse you the money for the food.

    Legally speaking, that's all they're required to reimburse you for. If you took them to court, then they'd have to give you the market value of your cat, which, unless it's was a purebred, would only be about $20 or so. The law views cats as property so you can't collect on punitive damages when a pet food company allows their food to become contaminated.

    Personally, I think it's a stupid law -- anyone who has and loves a cat or dog knows it's a member of their family -- and that companies should pay through the nose to cover their carelessness!

  • Anonymous
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    Then after you get intouch with them go to Pet and report it to them and then they will report it and they give out the information faster then any other place and they keep up with what is going on. They have a form on their web site and they will have you fill it out and they will report your loss. I am so sorry about your cat. Make sure you have the food and the date and the other information you will need. Good Luck. you will need the lot number on the can of food or the bag of food.

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    Call this number. This lady might be able to help you.

    To reach Jennifer Mann, call (816) 234-4453 or send e-mail to

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