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Has anyone seen or played in Once Upon A Mattress?

What did you think of it? What was your favorite part, etc.


No, actually our middle school just did it. I was one of the very minor roles, but it was fun anyway.

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    One of the gentlemen who wrote the story, Jay Thompson, retired in the town where I was living. A local college asked him to direct the show - and he agreed to do it. My schedule wouldn't allow me to perform in the show - but I created a bunch of props for it - and was the prop master. It was a WONDERFUL experience!!! Whenever somebody wasn't sure about the way something should be - or look - we had THE WRITER OF THE PLAY there to ask. And he was so gracious and fun! No ego about him whatsoever!

    I had a good friend playing Lady Larkin - and she has a beautiful singing voice and is a great actress. Still - she couldn't "find" her character. About 10 days before the show went up - the costumes - which we'd rented came in from New York. The bottom of Lady Larkin's dress had a little tiny hole at the bottom for her feet to fit through. It was impossible to move in the dress without taking tiny baby steps. This led her to put her arms out in the air for balance. She started walking around the dressing room like that - and a brand new voice came out. And she said - "Now I know!!! Lady Larkin is a DITZ!!!" And she played the character like an absolute airhead - and she was brilliant!!

    I also had a very dear friend in the role of the Jester. He has since passed away - and I miss him horribly. "Very Soft Shoes" was and is still my favorite song from the show.

    I also love "Shy!" It's a great audition song.

    My favorite character in the show was the Prince. "Nannie Noonie Nonny Nanny Ninny" "No! No! No! No!" I laughed at that - really hard - every night for weeks.

    The television production of the show - with Carol Burnett, Tommy Smothers and Tracy Ullman was horrible. I was soooooooooo disappointed in it.

    Still - I have very fond memories of the production in which I was able to be involved!

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    I played the Jester in high's a FUN FUN show, my favorite roles are actually Sir Harry and Lady Larken, the supporting love interests....In a Little While is a great love scene. And Winifred's 11th hour number "Happily Ever After" is a great wakeup toward the end of the show.....are you involved in a production or thinking of auditioning? If you like traditional musical comedies, you'll love the's high-energy, lots of comedy and dance, cute love stories, and a fun group of characters.

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    once upon a mattress is NOT a good movie. DO NOT SEE IT!

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