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Noise pollution :wat doyou think?

hey i would like to get two people opinion on this sub.and one has to be for the other one has to be agianst...for a paper im am for school and would really like to have outsiders opinion!

thanks a bunch!!!!!!!11


ok now need a perso to think that there is nothing wrong withit

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    Yes, I am against noise pollution. All rock, hip-hop and any other concerts should be out-lawed. Much the same as Global Warming, these may in fact cause hearing loss later in life so for the public good government should step in and regulate all facets of the music industry. Including having regulators on ipods to insure that they will not play above a certain level. All car stereos will be fitted with a monitoring device that will limit volume inside the car (for the occupant's own good of course). Anyone caught using a boom box will be fined or imprisoned. The "big music" companies will have a big volume tax applied to them to help pay for these measures. Government will monitor private houses to ensure that parents aren't exposing their children to second hand music. No music will be allowed in public, especially bars and restaurants as this might harm people who don't wish to listen.

    Source(s): Cafe standards, "big Oil", smoking laws, nanny type governments everywhere.
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    i'm a shape worker and a few partitions are in basic terms made decrease priced. in case you have that undesirable of a venture listening to what your roomie is asserting, then you could pass to the extreme and ruin or pay somebody to interrupt your facet of the drywall down and semi-sound evidence that wall. That way you will no longer ever have a venture of listening to your roomie lower back. in the different case like suggested earlier you could, purchase some decrease priced earplugs at a community save. Oh sure, yet another word to breaking the wall down, you could pass to abode depot, get a one million-2-3 abode progression e book for fantastically decrease priced and it enable you to be attentive to step via step the thank you to semi-sound evidence your wall.

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    Hmmm...I don't know if anyone is "for" noise pollution but some people might say it's inevitable if we are going to cut back on urban sprawl by living in closer quarters in cities.

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    the noise pollution has more disadvantages than the advantages.


    it creates a lot of health disorders in humans mainly in the deafness,cardiovascular problems...

    it creates a lot of tension.

    it prevents a peaceful atmosphere.

    creates a hyper tension....

    therefore i am obviously against it....


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