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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Why is there not a huge Christian Outcry for the murder of 1000's of Christians in the Sudan?

1000's of Christians are being murdered by Muslims everyday - Why aren't their Christian Brothers helping - but instead Christian nations are trying to liberate a country with a majority of Muslims? Is it because they are African? Is it because there is no oil there? If this was happening in Europe - would you have the same apathetic attitude for them that you have for your Christian brothers and sisters in Sudan?

By The Way -

I love all my brothers and sisters - no matter what religion they are or are not. - This question is specifically for Christians.


JC is the MAN:

There are Millions upon millions of Christians around the world and many Christian nations - You have plenty of backing if they really cared!

Update 2:

DATA DROID: Their are many Black that are very upset about this - But we can not even get new books in our schools - Christian are a very large organization - if there were an outcry for help by Christians (and they demanded it) something would be done - I have never herd any Christians speaking publicly about the problem - Never heard any avangelist demanding help - None of you!!!!

Update 3:

Happy 2 Be...:

Who is helping - Point me to a website or something. I live in Oklahoma and there is a Church on every corner - None of them has spoke out against the problem!

Update 4:


Thanks - your giving me very good info!!!!

Update 5:

JC is the MAN::

I can see that - Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thousands? It's estimated at nearly 2 million (though this figure includes animists too). They've been in my prayers for decades. I've been plugged into voice of the martyrs for nearly 30 years, it has been a little frustrating to find so little concern for the suffering of our brothers and sisters who are living in dire conditions, though things did get better once DC Talk released Jesus Freak. Sudan was one of the worst definitely, with the islamic gov. bombing schools and hospitals and selling christians as slaves (the gov. has actually been abiding by the latest peace treaty which is a big surprise, and huge answer to prayer), but things are also bad in North Korea (the worst, even beyond Saudi), China, Laos (12 pastors were recently arrested), Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi, Colombia (FARC controlled areas), and more.

    Good ways to help are to send letters on behalf of our imprisoned brothers and sisters via prisoner alert ( ), and by sending action packs via Voice of the Martyrs (in this month's magazine, they emphasized the work in Sudan).

    UPDATE: There is oil in Sudan by the way, the Chinese and Canadians are falling all over themselves to get at it. That's one reason the people of the south and darfur are being harassed by the Sudani gov.

    UPDATE 2: I saw/heard Pat Robertson with my own two eyes/ears say we should help the Christians in a way that I won't repeat because it would be yet another controversy. But there should be a lot more voices sounding off about the situation in Sudan, no doubt.

    UPDATE 3: Voice of the Martyrs is in Bartlesville.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am involved with a group that assists all

    those around the world who have been, and/or are still being persecuted.

    You sound like what you are asking is why don't we just stop them. Well, because in

    order to stop it, we would have to intervene

    with military troops, thats why. And you are talking about invading North Korea, Japan,

    China, Sudan, etc. Gee, I wonder how the democrat peace-niks would feel about that.

    Anyway, you mention thousands killed by Muslims everyday - that certainly is true,

    and we do what we can; we also have ten times that amount of murders being comitted in the USA each and every DAY

    in abortion clinics, and are trying to deal with that problem as well.

    We cannot right all the wrongs of this earth;

    I assure you that Christ is able, and nobody

    is getting away with anything. Things will

    get straightened out, and soon.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it's more complicated than that. It's more about a repressive government suppressing dissent, and about a racial conflict between the predominantly arab north and the predominantly black south.

    Mostly it's the same old conflict everywhere between the haves (who want even more) and the have nots (from whom even that which they have is being taken away).

    The religious differences are there and they are real - but there are some Moslems fighting for the rebels, too, and probably some Christians fighting for the government forces.

    Sadly, most of the really noisy Christians are rich white American Christians who couldn't give a toss about black Christians in Sudan.

    Finally, I don't agree that Christian nations are trying to 'liberate' any Moslems, they are only interested in 'liberating' the oil.

  • Ruth
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    These TV Evangelists are asking for donations and money and say they care of help people. They are multimillionaires and these are Chritians if they would speak out and demand changes or that something be done. What about the Roman Catholic Church what have they said about these antrocities?

    I am so sick of religion, the muslims won't speak out about the murders and sucide bombers and Christians leaders will not do anything about Christians being killed in Sudan.

    So why are they making so much money when they are so obviously corrupt? They don't even talk about it on their tv show. They are saying they have new information about easter tune in? What they are rewriting the bible?

    Insist that they do something or not get another dime.

    consumers rule. If you stopped sending them money they would be forced to do something or lose their millions.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am a Christian.

    I am very concerned about this reality. And there are many Christian brother and sisters who are trying to make a difference in Sudan. But they don't have the backing of a larger political force or even the backing/support of a major denominational institution.


    First, there are millions of Christians yet only a few are willing to make sacrifices to make a difference or support the ministry that is going on in Sudan. I do question their "care".

    Second, there are only a very few Christian nations. And America is not one of them. Plus these nations whether you include America or not do not "care" about what is going on in Sudan because it does not advance their political agendas.

  • 5 years ago

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  • There are, unfortunately people suffering, and dieing, all over the world, for freedom, this is not new, Jesus, and his disciples, suffered greatly for the sake of Christianity, it is not in our hands, but Gods, if your heart is in helping Sudan, that is what God has placed on your heart, God Bless you, I pray he helps you make at least a small amount of change for the ones suffering there, like you we are all called, by God to help, with the Salvation, and suffering of our fellow human beings, where ever, and on whatever level in society we have been placed, being the best christian where you are at right here and now, Blessings

  • 1 decade ago

    If you pay attention to this- it is the Christians only who are attempting to do something. No government wants to get involved because it is Christians who are being killed. There are problems all over this world, unfortunately the focus right now is on Iraq and Afghanistan. The only outcry you hear is from Christians.

    Notice there is no noise from the black community all around the world.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It breaks my heart and I wish that the war was in Africa instead of Iraq. Let the muslims kill each other that is what they want. But they are killing Christians in Sudan and I do believe God will make us answer for our lack of caring.

    Why Bush is so obcessed with Iraq is oil and he owns oil wells in Kuwait and would like to own them in Iraq. He only has a few years in office to see that this is done.

    But all our resources are spent to protect muslims from each other and they kill Christians. Where are our prioritys???

    Send the troops to Africa we could support a war to help christians. But muslims? let them kill each other.

    those people will never stop killing, their has never been a time when they were not at war with someone.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    we are all = in God's eyes it is sade that the murders in sudan do not get the same coverage many other atrosities do but there are christians who care and pray. the governments are not generaly run just to save christians in fact it seems many are terning against christians in a order to seem fare on other faiths it is a topsy tervy world I can only pray Jesus reterns soon.

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