Colt 45 ACP...?

Have been toyin' with the idea of purchasin' this weapon and wonderin' if anyone knows of any site's on-line where I might be able ta' check prices? Not wantin' a collector, this be just for home protection and side-arm for hunting.


Lookin' at a used one...

Update 2:

I have both flashlight's and shotgun's, however neither does any good ie., flashlights may deter the problem, what with it bein' purely physcological knowin someone is on ta' them and tryin' ta' get a shotgun out of a locked gun case is not the quickest method of protection. Hey your other info., was great though.

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    A flashlight is not a better defense option than a shotgun, and a .45 ACP is not a shotgun -- but I'm sure the questioner knows that. If you're actually buying a Colt, you'll have to look hard -- find a gun shop and have them locate one for you. If you just want a .45 of that style (model 1911-style), they can be had from Springfield Armory, Para-Ordinace, Kimber, Smith&Wesson, etc., but finding prices online is hard. Try <> and <>, but I wouldn't buy from them -- I've heard bad things. For just a shooter, expect to pay $450-$650. They go way up from there. I would recommend Springfield. And don't try to hunt with a .45!!! Carry: yes. Shoot animals: not unless it's an emergency. It doesn't have enough power. .357mag is minimum for anything from feral hogs and up. Check your laws, and give the rest of us gun-owners a good name. Most important of all: LEARN YOUR WEAPON WELL!!

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    I don't know any sites on-line where you might check prices for a Colt .45. I don't know why someone mentioned flashlights because that is NOT part of your question.

    The .45 acp is an excellent defensive pistol but it is not a hunting weapon. For that you need at least a .10mm or a .44 Magnum. Someone suggested the Glock Model 20 .10mm. The .10mm is an excellent choice, far more powerful than the .45 acp and the Glock if more economically priced than any Colt.

    Good luck.


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    Don't buy a Colt production 1911-A1 unless you can get a real good deal. Go with Kimber, Kahr, Springfield, or even Taurus. Colt's are more for collectors anymore. Even the newer 1991-A1 Colt model costs a lot more than its worth right now. I would also avoid stainless, because it is overrated and it heats up very quickly and requies extra lubricant due to expansion even though stainless guns have looser tolerances to accomodate the heat expansion. Stay away from Armscor, Charles Daley, and Rock Island models. These are cheaper (under $400) but are made in the Phillipines and the machining and barrel quality are lackluster. Of the previous guns I mentioned, Taurus gives you the most for $499. I own a Kimber Custom II, but I paid $639 plus tax. You get what you pay for and sometimes don't even get that. I just wish that Kimber made a true mil-spec model (The SA 1911-A1 "GI" edition is not made very well, but it sold for only $400 when I got one a few years ago.).

    Do a lot of looking around to avoid not making a mistake.

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    first off a flash light is your best home defense besides a shot gun. and you may want to check your local hunting ordinaces for the requirements of a handgun. colorado is 500 flbs at 50 yds and a 45 is well short of that a .44 mag is the lightest gun you can really carry. but beyond that online is kind of a bad place to find prices. i have been looking at the new springfield armory XD .45 looks real nice and has a nice mag cap. but for a good 45 you will be spending about 400~500 used but you can spend a couple grand if you really wan to get into it with a competition barrel and extended mag in a 1911 clone. but look at kimber for 1911 and check a local gun store for a consignment and new sales and that will be the best option besides the manufactures websites.

    and remember that colt is out of civilian production so you will be paying for that name while its on the used market.

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    To repeat other posters:

    Try Gunbroker to get an idea for prices.

    Don't get a Colt if you can help it...they cost too much for what you get.

    I personally own a Kimber in .45 ACP, which is basically the same exact thing as the 1911 Colt, only I get more features for the price. Kimber makes more 1911s than anyone.

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    I've fired more then my share of handguns. Everything from colts to sigs and in between. And the best one i've fired is a browning hi power. Its got a smooth action, decent recoil and is easy to strip down and clean. It is chambered in 9mm and now comes in 40 s&w. Dollar for dollar they are a great firearm. Of course it doesn't matter what kind of handgun you buy and what it will be used for if you can't shoot well. So before you go out and buy anything here's a couple of points to consider. How much time can you spend on the range ? And how much do you want to spend on ammo ? And how much recoil are you willing to take ? Once you answer those questions then look at selection of handguns available to you and decide.

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    the only website that i know of for giving prices is but thare srp (suggested retail price)....... which could be a little higher or lower then actual price for the gun ....... But if your looking for just a idea of what one would cost u...... go to a store and get a copy of the newest gun buying guide they have specs and prices of most guns usaly cost 7-10 $ for the magazines ...... hope this heps u

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    This should give you an idea on prices used and new

    What does his question have to do with flashlights?

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    I would suggest a Glock Model 20 instead. The 10mm has almost double the power of a .45, and if you use a hollow point it will knock the scum intruder back through the door he just came in through.

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    Well let me tell you a story, Once I had one loaded and I was squeezing the trigger with the safety on. This gun has two safetys, but neither one of them worked. I would go with a sig instead. Of course I was pointing in a safe direction.

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