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My Cat Ate My Earring! What Now?

I was on the computer yesterday and she jumped up and I had my earrings sitting on the desk. She wanted attention and I wasnt giving it, so she inhaled my earring! I got one out of her mouth but the other is being digested. Now what?


Thank you for all your answers, I did want to follow up with the earing was a small musical note earring, somewhat small and the back was still on it. She's been acting okay, Im not too worried, but I have been giving her a lot more attention so she doesnt eat any more of my favorite things!

Update 2:

...I dont think I want the earring back..

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    Well, since this happened yesterday and your cat hasn't died yet, I wouldn't be too concerned anymore. You'll just have to wait until she poops it out. I would only call the vet if she is starting to act weird. Like if she is having a hard time breathing or if she is coughing up blood or vomiting. But if she is acting fine then don't worry. You'll get your earring back eventually!

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    Well, the other one is not being digested, as stomach acid can't digest metal which is in most earrings. BUT it is being processed - sortof like "throughput".

    Whether you "strain the poop" as I once did with my baby for a lost contact depends on the importance of the item ingested. If the earring is important, you might want to strain for it.

    Also, if all edges are smooth, it will simply pass through and out. If it has a lot of projections (points) you might want to make sure it comes out by straining for it. That's not appetizing, but it's just something you have to suffer through at times.

    Of course, the bottom line is you have now learned not to put things she could swallow where she can get them.

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    A lot depends upon the type of earring she swallowed. If it's a small post style or a little hoop it should pass through her system without any problem. If it's a larger one with sharp edges it could get "stuck" somewhere. You should check her litter box (cat's have very fast working digestive systems) to see that it has gone out of her system. If not take her to a vet!

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    Call the vet. Because the ear ring has a sharp post this could be dangerous. If you're lucky she'll pass it with little more than indigestion, if you're not luckly, it will puncture her intestines and you'll have a life threatening situation. Call the vet, they may want to do x-rays right away and see what they're dealing with, that could lead to surgery. Or they may have a suggestion for something you can feed that will help her pass it a little easier. Regardless, it's up to you and your vet to decide the best course of action.

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    Uh Oh -- what was the earring like? wiry, dangly. small, large? Best thing for you to do is Call the Vet and talk to the vet. Their questions will be much more comprehensive than mine, and you will get a better idea of what to do and/or what to look out for.

    It's also a good idea to catproof (which is easier than baby Proofing, IMHO!) your home - strings, rubber bands, paper clips, bottle tops, small cat toys, sewing threads, floss, yarn, tin foil, plastic bags, other earring, jewelry, other small objects lying around can be DEADLY to cats. Imagine a baby eating something like that -- it's just as bad for a baby as it would be for a cat.

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    Feed her some canned pumpkin along with some canned food. The fiber in the pumpkin will help move the earring through her digestive tract. She should be just fine as long as it wasn't a huge earring.

  • First, call your vet!! It may pass when they go to the bathroom, but it depends on the size of the earring and type. If its a small stud it might pass but I,d ask a vet to be sure. It could get stuck inside, hopfully that won,t happen.

    Source(s): I had a cat swallow a sewing needle with thread and it passed, but the vet said I was lucky !! It depends on how it is inside. They need a xray.
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    Take your cat to the vet as soon as possible! The sharp end of the earring might catch somewhere in her intestine! This could lead to surgery and hopefully, she'll digest it and you'll find the earring in the litter box. Please get your cat examined! I hope this helped and I really hope your cat is ok!

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    OMG, this really isn't funny but I laughed when you said "she inhaled my earrings". Anyways, I would def. take her to the vet & make sure the earring is not obstructing her bowl or anything she could get really sick from soemthing like that. I hope it all goes well.

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    Depends on how badly you want the earring back...

    Start searching the cats litter box or forget about the earring..

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