A synonym for 'explicate' is...?

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    Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus - Cite This Source

    Main Entry: explicate

    Part of Speech: verb

    Definition: clarify

    Synonyms: amplify, clear up, construe, demonstrate, develop, dilate, elucidate, enlarge upon, enucleate, expand, expatiate, explain, expound, illustrate, interpret, make clear, make explicit, make plain*, run down, spell out*, tell why, unfold, untangle, work out

    Antonyms: cloud, complicate, confuse, obscure, tangle

    Notes: explicate also contains the implication that the something of which an account is being given is more complicated or detailed - so while one may explain why a child is crying, one would explicate the meaning of a poem or implications of a legal document; early senses of explain were 'smooth out' and 'spread flat'

    Source: Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)

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    * = informal or slang

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    SYNONYMS explain, elucidate, expound, explicate, interpret, construe. These verbs mean to make understandable the nature or meaning of something. Explain is the most widely applicable: The professor explained the obscure symbols. To elucidate is to throw light on something complex: “Man's whole life and environment have been laid open and elucidated” (Thomas Carlyle). Expound and explicate imply detailed and usually learned and lengthy exploration or analysis: “We must never forget that it is a constitution we are expounding” (John Marshall). “Ordinary language philosophers tried to explicate the standards of usage” (Jerrold J. Katz). To interpret is to reveal the underlying meaning of something by the application of special knowledge or insight: “If a poet interprets a poem of his own he limits its suggestibility” (William Butler Yeats). Construe involves putting a particular construction or interpretation on something: “I take the official oath today . . . with no purpose to construe the Constitution or laws by any hypercritical rules” (Abraham Lincoln).



    To make understandable: construe, decipher, explain, expound, interpret, spell out. Archaic enucleate. Idioms: put into plain English.



    Definition: clarify, expand

    Antonyms: cloud, complicate, confuse, mystify, obscure, tangle

    The verb explicate has 2 meanings:

    Meaning #1: make palin and comprehensible

    Synonym: explain

    Meaning #2: elaborate, as of theories and hypotheses

    Synonyms: formulate, develop

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    u can go to www.dictionary.com for the answer.... go to thesaurus to find the synonym words... it's easy no need to post it here n wait for the answer...

    btw the synonym for explicate >>> amplify, clear up, construe, demonstrate, develop, dilate, elucidate, enlarge upon, enucleate, expand, expatiate, explain, expound, illustrate, interpret ...

    go n take a look in the website for more....

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    Synonyms: explain, elucidate, spell out, clarify, expound, illuminate, make clear, make plain

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    Make clear




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