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少年維特的煩惱 英文簡介?



少年維特的煩惱 英文簡介?

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    我自己看過原文小說之後, 我認為少年維特的煩惱是以日記的方式敘述維特對於愛情, 大自然和 環境的想法.


    The novel is in the form of a series of letters from Werther to his brother Wilhelm detailing his love for Lotte (Charlotte S.) despite her bethrothal and subsequent marriage to Albert. She has eight brothers and sisters and promised her deceased mother to marry Albert. He is a sensitive artist, poet, and lover of nature and Homer. He exhibits increasing obsession over this unrequited love and with thoughts of death and suicide, and is emotionally ill-equipped to get on with his life. When employed by an ambassador, he is rejected by the noble guests at a gathering as not of their class. His standard wear is a blue frock-coat and buff waistcoat and breeches [as Jerusalem wore at the time of his suicide].

    As his obsession (and madness) deepens, he prefers the fictitious Gaelic poet Ossian over Homer, and prepares a translation. Lotte believes he is ill and begs him to leave her alone. Albert is uneasy with Werther and wishes he would visit less. Lotte finally asks that he not visit before Christmas Eve, but he comes anyway. She asks him to read to her his translation of the songs of Ossian. He reads out loud, she is moved to tears, he is overcome with passion and covers her lips with kisses-- she is horrified and banishes him from her presence forever. Werther later sends a servant with a note to Albert to borrow his pistols for a journey-- Albert instructs Lotte to give them to the servant. Later that night, Werther shoots himself.





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