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Can some one please translate this greek word "aei xesou".?

While in conversation, my friend told me this. She refused to tell me what it meant, could some one please help me out on this.


well she doesnt seem like a sick person. i guess thats the way she is. But i was told it could mean something else besides shitting on urself.

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    It basically means f*** off BUT it's not that strong. In Greek it is commonly used among friends or people you know really well even when you want to show that you don't agree with something for example. I am trying to say that it becomes an insult depending on the circumstances and the tone of the voice etc.

    Also i wanted to add that the second user doesn't know what he is saying. That's complete bull****.

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    extracting from other greek phrases- xesou is ihsu(jesus) ,aei is puristic form of greek found in this phrase= doksa patri ke iu ke ayu pnevmati ke nyn ke (aei) is tus aionas ton aionon.amen. from this phrase aei is present/now.

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    it actually means:shitting on your self but it doesn't have a very strong meaning...i mean its not very is but not very much.don't worry she could tell you 'aei gamhsou'which is far worst:f**k you.

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    Yeah, it means "to soil yourself", understand? "Crap in your pants", etc :D Is your friend maybe sick?

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    the meaning is "go and **** yourself" but we use it as an expresion (not polite) when we are pissed with someone with the meaning "leave me alone", "go away".

    You probably pissed her...

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